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Simone is a very experienced stylist servicing south east London.
Her unique style and creativity will make you happy

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Excellent service as always from Carina!
Glenda did an amazing job with my locks. She also taught me how to look after them best at home. Thank you Glenda, you are a God sent.
The best service as always!
Amazing work. Love the hair!
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10 Starter Locs Questions answered

After a lot of research and contemplation, you are ready to start your loc journey. It is a big decision that requires patience and commitment. The loc journey goes through 5 key stages before it can be a fully grown, mature loc. The starter loc is the most important stage of the loc journey. Below we have answered 10 questions in regards to starter locs to help guide you to get through this stage with ease.

  • 5 November 2021
  • admin
15 Dreadlocks & Locs Salons You Should Definitely Visit In London
Back in 2016, I wrote about 5 locs salons I had personally visited in London for my loc maintenance - at the time I had long and beautiful dreadlocks; still don't know why I cut them off, to be honest 🙁 2 years on, I am happy to say this post has literally been one of the most popular on our blog with nearly 12,000 visits to date. Wow! this is quite huge, and we're always proud to give top quality black businesses the exposure they deserve. However, since publishing the blog post I never stopped receiving emails from other salons in London, asking to be featured in an updated article, which is fair.

  • 31 October 2021
  • admin
The 5 Different stages of the Loc Journey by month

Getting the locs you have always wanted takes a process, and it’s important to know the different stages of locs journey so you can know what to expect. There are five stages of locs, namely the starter stage, budding stage, teen stage, maturity stage, and rooted stage. The entire stages can take 18-24 months upwards, after which you will be able to have the long, thick, and shiny locs you desire. Without further ado, let’s get into the details of what each stage entails.

  • 17 October 2021
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