How to Start a Natural Hair Blog: 10 Top Tips

The natural hair movement is about empowering people of colour to love their beautiful natural hair, curls, coils, kinks and all. Unsurprisingly, it’s often hard to know where to start but one area where the movement has continued to thrive in the online community of natural hair care, where people with all hair textures can share tips and support one another on their journey to healthy natural hair. Blogs are just one of the amazing platforms that can be used to both find and share information about afro hair, so why not set up your own? Not only is running a blog a great way of documenting your progress, but you can connect with naturalistas all over the world! Here some 10 top tips to help get you started.

43 Black Owned Businesses in the U.K. You Absolutely Need In Your Life

2020 could be considered a pretty bleak year for people of colour. But, while the ongoing fight for equality and awareness continues, it’s also important to recognise the success within the black community and celebrate black-owned businesses in the UK.

The Top 10 Best Nigerian Restaurants in London

Today, the UK’s local high streets are becoming more diverse than ever as the selection of shops and restaurants continues to grow. London is one city where multiculturalism has thrived, especially when it comes to celebrating cuisine from around the world. Nigerian cuisine is one type of cooking that’s started to modernise the food industry in the UK, introducing new flavours, textures and experiences while celebrating Nigerian culture and traditions. Nigerian people pride themselves on cooking some of the best food in West Africa and London is one of the best places to go if you’re hoping to give it a try. From traditional establishments to modern, experimental dishes you’ll feel like you’re in the very heart of Lagos! Here are 10 of the best Nigerian restaurants in London.

Top 10 Things To Know Before Transitioning To Natural Hair
While transitioning to natural hair has become the new wave, very few women have an idea of the basics they should know before going natural. You probably don't want to end up with an "I Wish I Had Known List" when it comes down to going natural. So before you make the jump of faith to transition to afro hair, here are the top 10 things you should know before transitioning to Natural Hair.
Hair Love Short Film: On Ripping What you Sow and Youtube Ripping Us Off
Youtube recommendations are something else. It was December 25th, the time was 6pm. I was strolling my Youtube feed, trying to avoid the depressing universe that I created for myself with my 2019 obsession for the UK Brexit, the US impeachment proceedings and France new retirement plans wotlessness. Note that I am doing all of this actively trying to avoid the new disturbing ads featuring cows and humans in “funny” sexual positions and cars crushing watermelons … when I found “Hair Love”.
Afrocks Interviews: Pamela Haynes, Author of The Novel “Loving The Brothers”
Quick catch up with Pamela Haynes, author, public speaker following the publication of her book 'Loving the Brothers', rated 4.9 out of 5 stars on Amazon. A must-read!
Afrocks Interview – Kay Davis, Artist & Braider: “Transitioning from chemically relaxed hair to becoming natural is a journey! One that can be extremely liberating and often emotional”
We had a chat with Kay Davis, London-based artist and afro hairdresser - using design to celebrate and pay homage to black childhood/upbringing.
Afrocks Amazing Clients – Khisha, Architect, Director of Atelier K: “I loved the concept of Afrocks and recommended it straight away  to friends”
We are absolutely delighted to bring this new ‘Afrocks Amazing Clients’ series to you! The concept behind it is very simple: we decided to open our blog to Afrocks’ clients and subscribers who wanted to share their stories and thus give them some exposure. Afrocks is more than just hair: it’s about community and empowerment. Today we speak with Khisha, architect and director of Atelier K.
Afrocks Amazing Client – Shaka, Yoga Teacher And Political Activist: “To tackle inequality, we have to directly tackle the root causes of inequality – greed, capitalism, lack of democracy and wealth distribution.”
Credit picture: We are absolutely delighted to bring this new 'Afrocks Amazing Clients' serie to you! The concept behind it is very simple: we decided to open our blog to Afrocks' clients and subscribers who wanted to share their stories, and thus give them some exposure. Afrocks is more than just hair: it's about community and empowerment. If you are an amazing client with a small business, a community initiative etc. get in touch with us at or register your interest on the following link
How do Black women find their Natural Afro Hairdressers in 2019

How do Black women find their Natural Afro Hairdressers in 2019

Have you ever faced the struggle of finding a perfect or suitable afro hairdresser? Or have you ever wondered if the videos you see of hairdressers on Instagram make a good point of referral for finding your perfect match when it comes to afro hairdressing? If yes then this article is just perfect for you.

16 Businesses And Initiatives That Can Help You On Your Journey Of Wellbeing in 2019
Credit picture: Lorraine Givans Destiny Achieved Coaching We hope you have enjoyed our selfcare series as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to you. We haven't finished yet! Here are some wonderful businesses/initiatives that can help you on your journey of wellbeing and self-care. Remember, first and foremost, you are your own backer. Invest in yourself  #OneLove
14 UK Black Hosted Podcast To listen to While You’re Getting Your Afro Hair Styled
Photo credit: Snatch Edges podcast By far, live radio has been dominating the audio landscape for ages. However, with mainstream media often being pointed and the level of trust declining, we can arguably wonder if this era of glory is coming to an end? Our habits have evolved drastically, especially when smartphones landed in our hands. Millennials know it well.They are the biggest consumers of audio content on mobile devices. The last decade have been witnessing the rise of podcasts. According to the Radio Joint Audience Research, 6.4 million adults or 12% of the adult population in UK use a Podcast in an average week and that number is growing year on year.
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