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Our Story

About Afrocks

Afrocks is an online platform connecting individuals looking for Natural Hair and Beauty services with top-quality, pre-screened independent service professionals or Salons. From Locs twisting to Braids services, Afrocks instantly matches customers with trusted professionals in cities all around the world. With a seamless booking process, secure payment, and a 100% money-back guarantee, Afrocks is the easiest, most convenient way to book Natural Hair and Beauty services.

Our Story

Afrocks was founded in 2015 as a solution to problem many Natural Hair people were confronted to: finding and Booking trusted, effective professionals to take care of Black Natural and Curly Hair whether it is at Home or in a Salon – connected with technology. If you have Locs and want to get them taken care of, you will have a very hard time finding a customer-friendly, easy-to-use platform. In a society where many of us look the same, we have a mission to help those who want to stand out from the crowd and Rock their Locs or Afro with pride.

The Team



Herve Despois is the Founder and CEO of Afrocks. Prior to founding Afrocks, Herve worked for 6 years in Digital Marketing in London for a top 10 UK agency and various for successful online businesses and startups where he gathered valuable experience. Natural Hair Evangelist and former professional Muay Thai fighter,  he promotes natural and healthy lifestyle across the community.



Regis Rolnin is the Co-Founder and CRO at Afrocks.
Born and raised in the West Indies, Regis has worked his way up in the business world in London where he feels like at home. He is today a serial entrepreneur willing to live this lifestyle to the full. After several attempts of trying to figure out how to groom his locs himself, or mining for overbooked hairdressers, he decided to join the Afrocks team to offer a life changing platform to those willing to embrace themselves in the natural way.



Stella joined the Afrocks team as Business Development and Customer Relationship Manager. She is a qualified accountant, currently based in London but loves a bit of travelling as she lived in Paris and Dublin. Stella has been involved in the natural hair movement since 2003 when she transitioned. This was the beginning of her journey towards self consciousness and a healthier lifestyle. When she’s not getting busy contacting stylists and clients, you will find her performing impressive Brazilian and French Caribbean percussions!