17 Mobile Afro Hairdressers You Can Book in London With Afrocks

17 Mobile Afro Hairdressers You Can Book in London With Afrocks

Finding a good afro hair professional can be a tedious and sometimes stressful process in London for many Black women with natural hair. We have all heard or experienced dreadful salon stories, right? Well, if you live in London and are looking for reliable, skilled natural hair stylists, locticians or braiders, say no more! You will find below some of the best afro hairdressers in London – the good news is you can also book them on Afrocks. C’est parti!

Carina Taylor

Carina is the latest stylist added to the Afrocks team after being carefully vetted by us. She literally does everything, from extensions to Natural Hair and Locs, of course. She has such a giving and caring nature. Styling means so much to her and it is not only evident in her creations but her willingness to go that extra mile for EVERYONE

Speciality: Locs, Natural Hair, Braids & extensions
Area: SE10 
Visit Carina’s Afrocks profile now
Instagram: taylorgracelondon

Dian Walker


If you live in the Luton area and need your hair to be taken care of, we have the perfect fit for you. We’ve been impressed by Dian’s kindness and dedication when it comes to delivering perfect service.

Speciality:  Locs, Natural Hair, Braids & extensions
Area: Luton
Visit Dian’s Afrocks profile now

Ebuni Ajiduah


Ebuni has a rather atypical path, yet so enriching: Ebuni trained and worked as a Science teacher in the UK and UAE. She wrote a guidebook for newly qualified teachers, ‘A-Z of NQT’, to help them get the best start in their career! Super organised and easy to talk to. Ebuni is a stylist’s stylist, always ready to share and empower with her never-ending source of knowledge. Proud to have her as our first trichologist.

Speciality:  Locs, Natural Hair, Braids & extensions
Area: SE15
Visit Ebuni’s profile
Website: https://www.ebuniajiduah.com/
Instagram: ebuniajiduahhair
Podcast: https://soundcloud.com/snatchededgespodcast

Glenda Pearman

Glenda was actually the first stylist to register on the platform when we launched back in 2017, the ‘Optimus Prime’! she is the face of Afrocks and loyal to the bone. Glenda offers style inspiration with her own beautiful locs (she even looks awesome with Flexi rods in). She has experienced all our struggles, bugs and ‘website down’ times but we’re happy to say that it’s been a blessing to collaborate with her since day one. And and…she is branded as ‘the best loctician in London’…so you know what to do …

Speciality:  Locs
Area: SE13
Visit Glenda’s Afrocks profile
Website: Healing Hands

Jeana Dorival

I still remember the day I called Jeana following her application, and I found out she was from Dominica! It was great as we could speak creole (Creole from Guadeloupe and Dominica have many similarities). On top of that, she’s a top-notch loctician based in the Feltham area. Have a look at her portfolio. You’ll love it!

Speciality:  Locs
Area: TW13
Visit Jeana’s Afrocks profile 
Instagram: jeana_dorival

Jennifer Chimboza

The first time I called Jennifer to have a chat with her about how Afrocks works, I wasn’t planning to spend almost 2 hours over the phone with her. But well…I was literally blown away by her large experience, from Zimbabwe to Leeds, and now London. She also told me something that was unlikely to be forgotten: she was a very, very fast stylist. This was confirmed to me by clients, after she had Box Braids done in a couple of hours!

Speciality:  Locs, Natural Hair, Braids & extensions
Area: SE23
Visit Jennifer’s Afrocks profile
Instagram: zimjenny


Kaywanna Samuels

Kaywanna is a well-rounded afro hairstylist able to deliver quality service whether you want loc maintenance, braids with extensions or natural hair. Level 2 qualified, she is also a business savvy woman: she has just started her human hair supplying business.
Last but not least, the review has been left on her profile. That will tell you!

Speciality:  Locs, Natural Hair, Braids & extensions
Area: SE1
Visit Kaywanna’s Afrocks profile
Instagram: lionesskay_kween


Klerissa McDonald

Besides being a very skilled natural hair stylist, Klerissa is also the founder and CEO of award-winning UK brand Curly By Nature. She was recently featured on our blog in a very enticing interview where she was discussing damages caused by the use of chemicals. Expect an impeccable, expert-level service with her.

Speciality:  Locs, Natural Hair, Braids & extensions
Area: HA9, Wembley
Visit Klerissa’s Afrocks profile
Website: https://www.curlybynature.com/
Instagram: curlybyn


Marie-Chantal Krizoua

Marie is a natural hair care stylist based in Bexley and specialising in braids & extensions. If you need box braids done, you can expect a perfect service whether it is on the hairstyling or on the customer service side. Plus she is a native french speaker, so all good if you want to learn a bit of french.

Speciality: Braids & extensions
Area: DA5, Bexley
Visit Marie’s Afrocks profile


Melvina Sydney

Style and sass ooze from Melvina. A true style icon with a positive and determined disposition. I can’t remember how many times she jumped on a last-minute job following a desperate call from me ha! When it comes to the bread and butter, you won’t find anyone more professional and efficient. She specialised in natural hair and braids.
She was also part of our very first hairstyling station at Batuke Festival in August 2017.

Speciality: Natural Hair, Braids & extensions
Area: SE17, London
Visit Melvina’s Afrocks profile
Instagram: melvinastlcshow


Merlika Prince

Fun, fun and more fun. Merlika’s has joyous and infectious energy…and she is a killer on the dancefloor. She also (well…) is a very experienced afro hairdresser – more than 14 years and several salons. She is now offering mobile services (Specialised in Braids & Extensions) in the West London area where she lives with her husband and four kids. Merlika was amongst the first stylists to receive a  booking on Afrocks upon our launch back in 2017.

Speciality: Braids & extensions
Area: W9, London
Visit Merlika’s Afrocks profile

Ozioma Alexandra

Alexandra is a qualified natural hair stylist, designer, lace wig maker and educator. She is passionate about her craft and aim to change the perception of women who believe that natural hair hurts when it’s being braided when it doesn’t have to be that way. She’s very busy so best to send her a message before booking, especially for next day appointment. Oh and her joyful character is contagious! She’s always laughing!

Speciality: Natural Hair, Braids & extensions
Area: HA2, Harrow
Visit Alexandra’s Afrocks profile
Website: https://www.dfferenze.com/

Paulina Taylor

Paulina has joined the platform very recently and covers the Bromley area and specialises in braids, extensions and protective styles. We often speak about what to do for afro hair industry to reach the next step – being more digitally savvy is one aspect. I was quite happy to see that Paulina had a clean and professional website you can visit.

Speciality: Braids & extensions
Area: BR6, Bromley
Visit Paulina’s Afrocks profile
Website: https://paulinatays.wixsite.com/tayz-hair
Instagram: tayz_hair

Selina Clark

Selina has been dressing hair since the tender age of 9 where she had her first client (A very common story within the afro Caribbean community). She covers northwest London and specialises in natural hair, extensions and locs, including children.

Speciality:  Locs, Natural Hair, Braids & extensions
Area: NW10, London
Visit Selina’s Afrocks profile
Instagram: maneessence13

Simone Williamson

Simone was amongst the first stylist to register on the platform, but oddly, it took a full year before she received a booking via Afrocks. Since then things have just fast-forwarded as she joined the Afrocks founding team as Afro Hair and Business Consultant.
You will catch her passionately styling hair during our events, discussing hair with other stylists for recruitment or just taking care of your crown from the comfort of your own home. She also writes super cool blog posts on Afrocks blog

Speciality: Natural Hair, Braids & extensions
Area: SE14, London
Visit Simone’s Afrocks profile
Instagram: hairpassion_uk


Stevy Cognon

Stevy is the only male stylist on our platform, and to be honest, he was a tad doubtful when I asked him to register on the platform: he wasn’t sure the women clients would trust a man with their hair – especially when booking via the internet.
Doubts have quickly vanished though. He can be summed up in 3 words: cool, suave and talented. Stevy is a gifted stylist with the ability to put clients at ease and one of the most talented loctician (His nickname is the ‘Locksmith’) and natural stylist in London. I definitely think he deserves more credits and bookings. He’s also a very skilled DJ, yes!

Speciality:  Locs, Natural Hair, Braids & extensions
Area: SE15, London
Visit Stevy’s Afrocks profile
Instagram: gatress_hairdresser4locks



Whitney Ade

Whitney is a very friendly, dedicated and creative hairstylist and with lots of experience. You just have to look at her portfolio to understand that you will slay after your appointment with her. Whitney is based in Walthamstow and specialises in all things braids and protective styles.

Speciality: Braids & extensions
Area: E17, London
Visit Whitney’s Afrocks profile

The list will be updated as soon as we have new stylists on board, so feel free to check back from time to time. You can access our homepage and search available stylists by postcode.
If you are specifically looking for a salon, then check out our hugely popular blog post about 5 locs salons to visit in London. Can’t go wrong with this one!

If you are a natural afro hairdresser and would like to have your profile on Afrocks (It’s free!), you can find more information here


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