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increase revenue

Increase your bookings and revenue by getting booked by clients in your area.
You set your own prices for your services

Flexible schedule

You choose when you want to work and how much. Build a full schedule or simply claim a few jobs on the side. You are in control and manage your calendar.

Easy payment

No more tracking down customers for payments, no negotiating prices, clients pay the full amount ahead of the appointment. We will direct deposit your earnings into your bank account as soon as the job is complete.

How to become an afrocks stylist
1. Apply online

Easily complete your application and submit your information on our website. Our team will review your portfolio within 48 hours.

2. Get verified

Someone from our team will call you to discuss your skills and experience. If successful, we will require ID verification with our secured system.


3. Get bookings
Enter the services you want to provide in your dashboard and start getting bookings
Service management

Manage your services, set your own prices and add travel fees depending on how far your want to travel to clients.

Booking system

Be bookable 24/7 with our booking system. Manage your calendar, build a full schedule and add your days off if you are going on holidays.

Prices and fees

Our service is free to use. No monthly membership fee, no hidden costs or fees.
We simply take a percentage on bookings, so it is a win-win situation.

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I register as a stylist on Afrocks?
It couldn’t be easier to register as an Afrocks stylist. With a few simple clicks you will be on the platform in no time. The first step is to register your interest online. You will then have a quick chat with a member of the Afrocks team/family, giving you the opportunity to ask any questions.
Is Afrocks right for me?
The great thing about Afrocks is that we are a stylist-led community. Some platforms and services are so client focused that they forget about the service providers. Stylists are at the heart of the platform and all of the functions have been implemented to make the stylists experience just as great as the clients. So, if you love styling afro hair, meeting new people, getting paid what you deserve (no haggling around here) and wish to work with like-minded people then Afrocks is right for you.
Is Afrocks free to use?
YES! There are no monthly subscriptions or hidden fees. A percentage commission is taken from each booking to cover admin fees.
Can I only work weekends on Afrocks?
YES! You can work whenever you like! Stylists do not work for Afrocks, Afrocks work for themselves. You determine your prices, what services you provide, when you work and for how long. The calendar function on the platform means you will only receive bookings when you have shown yourself as available. This goes for the times you work also…all up to you!
How does the payment work?
Clients pay for your service as part of the booking process. The funds are held and then released into your account once the booking is complete.
How do I get paid?
Easily and quickly! Payments are made electronically (no more crumpled notes). Once the booking is complete, the funds are released into your account. This can take between 2 - 24 hours, depending on who you bank with.
Can I only style people local to me?
The platform is yours! You can do as you please. The travel function on the platform means you determine how far you wish to travel. You also get to determine your own travel expenses which are then included in the final price.
Can I get in touch with a client who requested a booking?
Once you have received a booking, not only will it show up on the platform but you will receive a notification by text/email with the client's details. There is also a great messaging function on the platform so you can always make contact that way also.
Can I cancel a booking?
Sure! Life happens and sometimes cancellations have to be made. But because bookings are fully paid for in advance, you have to contact the client directly before being able to cancel a paid-for appointment.