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Published on 2 August 2019 by Afrocks

Afro Hair Business Interview – Hazel, Founder of Sanctus Hair & Salon Owner: “In the black community, hairdressers are looked down on. They’re seen as uneducated or dropouts […]”

Afrocks had a chat with Hazel who recently launched her product range. She’s also a salon owner in South East London – therefore she has plenty to say when it comes to the afro hair industry!

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Published on 21 July 2019 by Afrocks

Afrocks Interview – Kay Davis, Artist & Braider: “Transitioning from chemically relaxed hair to becoming natural is a journey! One that can be extremely liberating and often emotional”

We had a chat with Kay Davis, London-based artist and afro hairdresser – using design to celebrate and pay homage to black childhood/upbringing.

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Published on 16 June 2019 by Afrocks

Afrocks Afro Business Interview – Aasiyah, Founder of The Renatural: “Versatility, ease and protection are the main reasons why black women wear wigs today”

You may have noticed how black entrepreneurs – more specifically black women – recently started to take centre stage in the afro hair industry (finally). Today we speak with Aasiyah Abdulsalam, founder of The Renatural, a platform that promises to disrupt and fix the wig industry with better, safer and healthier products. By a black woman for black women.

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Published on 5 May 2019 by Afrocks

Sole Trader or Limited Company For Your Afro Hair Business: What Are The Big Differences?

In this very business oriented guest post, Kateata – who is an accountant at hairandbeautyaccounting.com – tell us everything we should know about choosing the right company structure for your next venture. 

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Published on 13 April 2019 by Afrocks

14 Of The Best Afro Hair Products Your Natural Hair Will Fall In Love With

Credit picture: Eyoko

The natural hair movement in the UK has come a long way, especially in regards to afro hair products. Way back before the movement, we could only find few afro hair products on the scene, and if any were found, they were at best, filled with toxic ingredients. With limited choices available, black women went ahead with these products at the detriment of their hair health. However, since then, we have seen a rapid growth of organic and ethical afro hair products for different needs, hair types and uses. Whether you are a newbie natural or a seasoned one, we have compiled a list of some of the best natural afro hair products on the market you should add to your stash. Before or after booking your afro hairdresser with Afrocks, you can give these a go!

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Published on 17 March 2019 by Afrocks

Afrocks Amazing Clients – Khisha, Architect, Director of Atelier K: “I loved the concept of Afrocks and recommended it straight away  to friends”

We are absolutely delighted to bring this new ‘Afrocks Amazing Clients’ series to you! The concept behind it is very simple: we decided to open our blog to Afrocks’ clients and subscribers who wanted to share their stories and thus give them some exposure. Afrocks is more than just hair: it’s about community and empowerment.
Today we speak with Khisha, architect and director of Atelier K.

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Published on 1 March 2019 by Afrocks

Afrocks Amazing Client – Shaka, Yoga Teacher And Political Activist: “To tackle inequality, we have to directly tackle the root causes of inequality – greed, capitalism, lack of democracy and wealth distribution.”

Credit picture: https://shakalish.wordpress.com/

We are absolutely delighted to bring this new ‘Afrocks Amazing Clients’ serie to you! The concept behind it is very simple: we decided to open our blog to Afrocks’ clients and subscribers who wanted to share their stories, and thus give them some exposure. Afrocks is more than just hair: it’s about community and empowerment.
If you are an amazing client with a small business, a community initiative etc. get in touch with us at hello@afrocks.com or register your interest on the following link https://goo.gl/forms/L5HwTJMFWZ6MwMAi2

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Published on 17 February 2019 by Afrocks

How do Black women find their Natural Afro Hairdressers?

Have you ever faced the struggle of finding a perfect or suitable afro hairdresser? Or have you ever wondered if the videos you see of hairdressers on Instagram make a good point of referral for finding your perfect match when it comes to afro hairdressing? If yes then this article is just perfect for you.

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Published on 15 February 2019 by Afrocks

23 Afro and Natural Hair Salons To Visit in London and The UK in 2019

Credit picture: Tia’s Hair salon

Natural hair movement in the UK can be traced back to the 1970’s when natural hair movement
was at its peak, fuelled by the rise of Black power and the civil rights movement in the US. Having a fro back then was not solely based on creating a fashion statement or signature look, it was rather about making a political statement to express and showcase your black identity with utmost pride and confidence.
After few years of going into solitude, the natural hair movement is now on the rise again. New
natural hair care salons have emerged which brings us to the main reason why we put together
this write-up. For all our natural hair Queens and lovers who seek out experts in the natural hair
industry for professional hair styling and treatments, we have compiled the 23  best natural hair
salons in the UK and London that offer top notch services as regards afro and natural hair care services.

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Published on 29 January 2019 by Afrocks

16 Businesses And Initiatives That Can Help You On Your Journey Of Wellbeing in 2019

Credit picture: Lorraine Givans Destiny Achieved Coaching

We hope you have enjoyed our selfcare series as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to you. We haven’t finished yet! Here are some wonderful businesses/initiatives that can help you on your journey of wellbeing and self-care. Remember, first and foremost, you are your own backer. Invest in yourself  #OneLove

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