10 Exquisite Ways to Style Short Afro Hair

10 Exquisite Ways to Style Short Afro Hair

Every woman wants to look beautiful and fashionable. This means keeping an eye on ongoing fashion trends and adjusting to them when they suit our lifestyle. This desire is not just limited to our clothing, footwear, makeup and accessories, but extends also to our hair.

One of such trends for black and mixed-race British women is getting rid of our chemical-ridden hair and doing the Big Chop. Since this trend, many more women have learned to bask in the beauty of their ebony brown or black natural hair called the ‘Afro’.

It’s a favourite hairstyle for most women because of its styling flexibilities and versatilities. So are you wondering the different ways you can style your new short afro hair to look regal and stunning? Below are ten beautiful ways for styling short afro hair to get the best of your beauty.

Ten Beautiful Ways to Style Short Afro Hair

1. Big Chop

The Big Chop is a popular style choice for many lovers of afro. It is a terrific way to begin your healthy natural hair journey. It simply involves liberating your hair from the burnout caused by straightening chemicals and relaxers by cutting them off till what is left is your beautiful and shiny natural curls.

2. Bantu knots

The Bantu knots are also called Zulu knots because it originated from among the Zulu people in South Africa and is a beautiful option for styling your short afro hair. The hair is often made on long and medium length hair but can also be done on short hairs. It is partitioned, twisted, and plaited in such a way that the hair is arranged on top of itself to form a curled knot. This hairstyle has been a favourite of many afro lovers for a long time.

3. Finger Waves

Another beautiful option open to lovers of afro hairstyle is the finger waves. To style your hair into finger waves, pinch your hair between your fingers and, alternatively, comb the hair so as to make an ‘S’ shape wave. You can follow this up with another ‘C’ and continue this process until the whole hair is lit with the waves. This gives you a regal look, glamorous enough to attend a wedding, party or work too.

4. Twist Out


If you are looking for a beautiful way to style your short afro hair and at the same time add volume and waves to your hair, then the twist out hairstyle is a wonderful choice for you. It has been attested by lovers of afro hairstyle to be a great hairstyle for black and mixed-race British natural hair lovers. Twist out is a very versatile short afro hairstyle which can be worn up or let to hang loose.

5. Fauxhawk

The faux hawk is another way of wearing a short afro hairstyle. To achieve this style, cut and tie up some part of your hair at the front. Then you make your hair into two braids, tie them as low as you possibly can in the back to connect them. After ensuring your braids are tight and nice on the sides of your head, you let loose the front part. Wearing your afro in this style can produce both official and causal effects.

6. Twist side

The Twist side is another beautiful way to rock your short afro hair. It is simple and flexible for any lady to wear. This is especially if you’re always in a rush or running late for an appointment? All you need to do is take your hair, pull it tightly to one side and then twist it into a braid on one side of your head. That is why it is called a side twist.

7. Finger coils

The Finger coils is another wonderful option when you are considering styles for your short afro hair. The finger coils are curls that appear on your hair by twisting them around between your fingers. It is suitable for hairs of any length and you can wear this look for as long as a week or even more. More interesting is the fact that you can also get the lock-like effect when you use this method of styling on your afro hair.

8. Simple Side Part

A simple side part is an amazing option for when you want to look pretty and elegant at the same time, especially where you have a 4B or 4C hair type. The fascinating thing is the fact that this gorgeous hairstyle can be easily achieved in a few minutes. It is one of the best styling options for busy ladies who have got little time to spend on styling their hair. The style simply requires parting your wavy hair on one side to reveal a stunning and beautiful look.

9. The Frohawk

The Frohawk afro hair is one popular hairstyle amongst many natural hair women. It is both edgy and cute at the same time and can be done with any length of hair or hair texture. There are different ways to style the frohawk hairstyle but amazingly, no two frohawks look the same. Its versatility makes each chosen style unique and beautiful. But also like the simple side part, it’s an easy style and can be achieved in minutes. All you need to do is moisten your hair and apply some oil sheen. Then from the front to back, gather your hair up to the centre of your head.

10. Naturally Cropped Afro

If you’re the type that doesn’t always have time to spend on styling your hair, wearing it naturally cropped is another stylish and beautiful option. Just like the big chop, the naturally cropped afro allows your natural hair to shine in its glory. It’s also a way of maintaining a good hair care regimen as this style keeps your hair trimmed and protected.

The short afro hairstyle is a fashion trend that is gradually becoming many ladies’ choices. This is because of its flexibility and potential to cater to the busy schedule of the 21st-century black or mixed-race British woman. To add perfection to the afro hair beauty, ensure you regularly wash it at least once a week, conditioning it with good reliable products and giving it prompt treatment as often as possible.

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