10 Reasons Why You Should Use Afrocks To Book Your Afro Hair Stylist In London

10 Reasons Why You Should Use Afrocks To Book Your Afro Hair Stylist In London


There are many benefits to using Afrocks. From getting the inspiration for your future hairdo to book and pay online and be styled from the comfort of your own home, we make you save  time and money. If you’re still on the fence, or just don’t believe us, here are the … reasons why taking to Instagram or Facebook for your hair pampering sessions may be a hassle.

1. Hideous and non-user friendly websites…


Our objective was to create a visually appealing product that would immediately embody the brand and convey its value: simple, sleek, minimal yet effective and beautiful. The data are constantly updated and at the top of that, our relaunched mobile version is, even more, user friendly.

2. So…Who exactly is doing your hair?


Before joining the platform, our stylists are carefully vetted by the Afrocks team. Besides background checks and thorough look a their portfolio, we take the time to discuss with them over the phone (or face-to-face when possible). I usually call first to have a general chat and discuss the Afrocks project. I also answer any technical or practical questions. Our Hair & Business Consultant Simone does the second part of the ‘interview’ a couple of days later and focuses on hair, technique, experience and…more hair stuff 😀
Once we are happy with what we heard and all checks are ok, we manually validate the stylist’ account.

3. Sorry, you can’t pay online. You’ll need cash!

Who always have cash anyway? From day one we wanted to have a payment system integrated to the website so clients could secure their booking straight away. No more cash handling and change trade at the end of the appointment, everything is fully paid upfront, no funny business, no change in prices. You always pay what you’ve agreed on. It is also great for stylists: no  client will run away without paying :D, check out what Simone has to say about that.

4. We always keep the ££££

When we share stories with you, we are open and honest about the ups and downs, struggles and successes of our business. Therefore today won’t be the day we start pretending everything is always going well. We’ve had some minor issues with clients (lateness, stylist that couldn’t make it etc.) but we can proudly state it loud and clear: 98% of our bookings go extremely well and are rated 99% positive by our customers.
Nevertheless, be assured that if there’s something wrong we won’t make a fuss to fully refund you, and in some cases, send a stylist for free to make it up…
When we say we’re all about our customers, we mean it.

5. The Experience.

Seriously, what’s better than being able to chill out at home whilst getting beautified by your stylist? It is true that many of us love the salon experience, which can be amazing (Check our list of Locs salons in London), but sometime, life is hectic.
I remember one of our first clients was very sceptical about the concept of being styled at home. However one day she needed an emergency appointment for a business meeting, and she loved the Afrocks experience! Now she is a regular 🙂
Give it a try! Don’t be scared to talk to us. If you need some quietness during your appointment let your stylist know. We are there for you!

6. The dubious reviews.

According to 
MarketingProfs, 85% of customers proceed to buy only after reading online reviews, and 87% of customers check reviews for both online and brick-and-mortar purchases. This makes ratings and reviews the most important booking factor, hence why our stylists are also rated and reviewed.
These reviews are 100% genuine as clients only get the opportunity to do so after completion of the booking. Just give it a try. Try to leave a fake review on one of the profile. It’s very simple, you won’t be able to do it even if you create an account. Ah!

7. “Aw Snap Something Went Wrong”? You’re on your own.


Seriously, we handle business. Saturdays, Sundays, bank holidays, we have an almost Olivia Pope approach to costumer service. If you need us we will get back to you as soon as possible, by email or by phone because there’s no way we would let our customers down, or feel like it. So fear not: we are hair gladiators.

8. You can’t speak to the stylist before booking

Hair is a very sensitive subject, and we understand that you could feel the need to be reassured. After all it is your beautiful crown we are talking about. At Afrocks, we understand that hair is very personal and that scheduling an appointment with an afro hairdresser you have never met before can be an issue. We have created an internal messaging system where you can ask your stylist ANY question you might have about the style or her savoir-faire. Don’t be shy.


9. The founding team doesn’t know a thing about hair.

Being a black owned business does not automatically grant us your full and unconditional trust, and supporting the community shouldn’t be about accepting low standards. It’s all about understanding the problem we are trying to solve and delivering an exceptional service. In this particular industry, having knowledgeable individuals on natural hair and locs who know what is our best asset:
– I had locs for a long time and cut them off a couple of years ago (I don’t know why and I still regret it)
– Simone, our Hair and Business Consultant is a very talented afro hair stylist with natural hair.
– Stella, our head of Biz transitioned back in 2003. She has now started her locs journey!
– Regis, our CRO wears locs, and recently published a piece about how these had impacted his professional life.
We are not only in this business, we also live it! We know and love our stuff, it makes all of the difference.

10. Expectations versus Reality.




With 99% of positive reviews we are proud to say that all of our clients were happy with their hair. It also means that you will only find the best afro hair stylists on our platform! Just go and check their reviews!



Not convinced yet? Drop us an email at hello@afrocks.com and we’ll be happy to have a chat with you!
Otherwise you can start looking for your afro hairdresser in London here

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Hey! I am Hervé the Founder & CEO of Afrocks, a platform connecting mobile afro hair stylist with clients. I love having a good fight (inside a ring), excel spreadsheets and formulas and other geek stuff. Get in touch!
Email: herve@afrocks.com
Twitter: @hervedespois

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