10 UK Natural Hair And Beauty Blogs You Should Know About

10 UK Natural Hair And Beauty Blogs You Should Know About


If  you’ve ever tried transitioning to natural hair, you’ll know what a rollercoaster it can be. Many of us are returning to natural after having our hair chemically treated since our teen years. Prior to that, our mothers, aunts or grandmothers were responsible for caring for our hair. Often, this means we are learning to care for our hair in its natural state for the very first time.

You can find yourself repeatedly asking questions such as:
Which products are best for my hair type?
Wait, what is my hair type? 3C? 4C?
And, what about my hair porosity?
Should I follow the LOC method? Should I co-wash?
Does it really matter if I use products containing sulphates and mineral oil?
What style shall I go for? Braid out, twist out or wash and go?

Sometimes, the struggle is real. But it doesn’t have to be.
Here are 10 natural hair and beauty bloggers you should know about who are striving to make rocking your natural hair an easier and more enjoyable experience. And, as well as helping you with your natural hair challenges, many of the bloggers below also share information and reviews on beauty and skincare products that are relevant to Women of Colour (WoC).

UK Curly Girl

The strapline for Shannon’s blog is “all things natural hair and beauty”.
She began the blog in 2014 to share her journey of transitioning to her natural hair, as well as how she managed to keep her curls looking so healthy. On her blog, she shares tips, hairstyle tutorials and reviews of products she loves.


After 10+ years of wearing a curly perm, relaxer, wigs and weave, Leilu’s hair was so badly damaged that she was not sure if it could be repaired. But after research, she began learning how to take care of her hair in its natural state and succeeded in growing healthy hair. On her blog, she shares tips for taking care of natural hair as well as having plenty of giveaways and some product reviews.


Sarah Fynn

Sarah is a self-confessed product junkie and blogger who has written for hair and beauty websites such as BrownBeauty, British Curlies and Black Beauty and Hair Magazine. She shares product reviews and tips as well as covering new product releases and events. Her blog is a mix of natural hair and beauty.





BrownBeautyTalk is an online magazine founded by Ronke Adeyemi that is aimed at WoC. The magazine covers both hair and beauty with product reviews and interviews, as well as features on beauty news and events.


Antidote Street



Antidote Street is an online store selling black hair and skin care products.The blog shares tips, product reviews, hairstyle inspiration and information on product ingredients. Most, if not all of the products sold in the online store are free from sulphates, parabens and mineral oils.





Fiona launched her blog in 2010 sharing tips, tricks, reviews, and tutorials to help you achieve your desired hair goals. Today, the blog has grown to also cover lifestyle, beauty and personal growth topics, as well as insights into Fiona’s experiences as a newlywed. The blog also offers a Customised 1:1 Hair Regimen for £19.99.




Jay and Tri created Curlture in 2014 with a focus on accepting and embracing your culture and natural hair. The blog not only includes natural hair resources such as product reviews, tips and hairstyle tutorials, but it also addresses topical discussions and spotlights black businesses, brands and people. There is also an online store selling tees, tank tops sweatshirts and beanie hats, all with natural hair and culture related designs.



Yolanda is an English-Nigerian/Swedish naturalista living in London who began her natural hair transition in 2012. As well as sharing product reviews, make up and natural hair tutorials, she provides information on typical natural hair ingredients such as shea butter and argan oil. She also blogs about health and fashion.


The United Kinkdom



Crystal’s blog is dedicated to celebrating Afro hair and the experiences of UK Naturals. She shares tips, product reviews, hairstyle inspiration as well as covering natural hair and beauty related events.


Care For Your Hair


Pelumi Rae originally founded her blog to document her hair journey for friends and family. The blog includes product reviews, styling inspiration, hair care tips and routines as well as a few features with other black women with natural hair.

Hopefully the natural hair and beauty blogs mentioned in this article will provide inspiration, encouragement and useful information to support you on your natural hair journey.

Are there any other blogs that should have made the list? Comment below so we can check them out.


Leanne Lindsey is a freelance blogger for hire specialising in self-improvement, wellbeing and lifestyle topics. She is also a life coach who loves inspiring and motivating women to live happy, healthy lives they love. Visit her website to learn more about her available blogging services and to grab her free guide with tips on how to be happy.


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