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11 Mind-blowing Figures to Understand the Women of Afro Hair Market [Infographic]

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It is a fact universally acknowledged that a black woman, MUST be in want of hair care products. Whilst the market has  been fluctuating with the latest trends, the natural hair revolution (yes we say it, a revolution) is drastically changing the economical dynamics for good. Because wearing one’s hair natural is not a fad, we have compiled 11 facts that should empower  business minded people such as creative stylists, cocoa and Shea butter producers… black women and men altogether! Yes, you’re welcome.


infographic afrocks

This infographic is based on figures and numbers found around several reports and studies. We compiled these in one place.
The Locs price is based on our own analysis where we looked at 10 salons in London and 10 salons outside of London.


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