16 Businesses And Initiatives That Can Help You On Your Journey Of Wellbeing

16 Businesses And Initiatives That Can Help You On Your Journey Of Wellbeing

Credit picture: Lorraine Givans Destiny Achieved Coaching

We hope you have enjoyed our selfcare series as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to you. We haven’t finished yet! Here are some wonderful businesses/initiatives that can help you on your journey of wellbeing and self-care. Remember, first and foremost, you are your own backer. Invest in yourself  #OneLove







Not only does Afrocks provide the opportunity to be styled in your own home (or venue of your choice) you are also safe in the knowledge that you have a professional dealing with your hair. All stylists are vetted and must complete a set of competency questions prior to joining. Having your hair styled in a way that makes YOU feel comfortable/happy is paramount. After all, wellbeing is centred around loving yourself and there is nothing like bad hair to make you feel like crap. With a quick and easy to use booking system, Afrocks truly takes the stress out of afro hair care. Look out for Afrocks events 2019!


Signature Braids

Have you heard of Signature Braids? If you are a client that uses synthetic hair for your box braids or a stylist that preps synthetic hair, then you should know about this product. Synthetic hair for braiding is coated in an alkaline base and this company not only wash and treats the hair they also feather/pull out the ends of the hair (essential for a neat and secure braid). For clients, untreated synthetic hair can cause your scalp to itch and/or leave your hair feeling dry. And for stylists, do your fingers a favour – the hair is so much softer and easier to handle.


Bien Etre (Magnesium Therapy)


Magnesium does not get the credit it deserves! We love Bien Etre! Magnesium deficiency can lead to a whole host of problems and these products provide a nice top up without it feeling a chore. Whether you choose the magnesium oil, body butter or bath salts the minerals will absorb naturally into your body. A mega mood booster!


Rejuvenate Natural Skincare


Only one word to sum up this range…gorgeous! All natural (plant based) ingredients, all handmade. Their best selling Peppermint Hand & Foot Butter is perfect for stylists. You can’t help but feel valued when applying this premium product – don’t believe us, check out the reviews! One delighted customer said she want to cover herself in the body butter and “marinate”. Currently free delivery on orders over £30.


Macob Macob Organic Skincare & Wellbeing

“Do you want better skin? With help from nature!”,  is the question this company asks and after seeing their products it is a resounding YAAASSSSS. Luxurious yet organic products infused with ingredients from “tropical lands”. Just when you think you will not put one more item in your basket – you scroll down and see the organic make-up! Can’t decide what you want? Invest in the Naturbox! Use code PRIV15 for 15% off




Holistic care straight from the motherland! Sheapureness has a whole host of products that will make you feel like a new person. With ingredients sourced directly from Gambia, Mali and Senegal, many of the herbs used are grown right here in London. From moisturisers for the children to Moringa Oil, Sheapureness products are pure quality and promote healing from the inside out (literally). You can also find Bitter Kola (reduces inflammation, improves lung function) and Soursop Leaves (immune system booster, reduce blood pressure). Get healing y’all!


Taylor Grace Beauty Bar

What says ‘I love me’ more than a Me Time Face Massage? Hmm maybe a Rejuvenating Eye Cleanse? Taylor Grace Beauty has an interactive and flexible diary for a range of services to assist in the emergence of a new, relaxed you! Offering such a professional yet accommodating service, you will instantly feel comfortable. Before you know it, you will feel no way requesting a full facial thread!


Mothers Inc.

This company got us at “Everyday is Mother’s Day” – their well known slogan is so fitting. We love Mother’s Inc. A beauty space to receive all of your treatments but guess what…you no longer have to find/hunt/bribe a babysitter. This wonderful establishment has certified childcare providers and play room ON SITE!! You can be getting those legs waxed in peace while your lil prince/princess has a good old time making a mess (a mess you don’t have to clean!!)



This award winning brand makes looking after yourself so easy. Anti-stress candles, body scrubs, the entire collection is based on self love. The range is so vast, you truly could take care of your mind, body and soul in one shopping trip. Not only do they provide products to assist your wellbeing, they also offer advice and support. Check out the website or instagram for upcoming events.




Livity plant based cuisine



The Ladies at LPBC make it easy to eat healthily! If you are curious about vegan food or just fancy a change, then this is the place to be! It is a wonderful and comforting introduction to a meal without meat. Full of flavours you love and recognise as well as flavours you never would have considered. Jerk Lentils, Curried Jackfruit, Ital Veg Stews and more. What we love most about them is the ‘big people’ portion sizes…ever satisfied belly! If you can’t get down to see them, no worries, they offer great and inspired meal suggestions for healthier eating as well as providing meal preps for you!


Original Flava

OMG! If you look at the food prepared by these culinary creative brothers you feel instantly hungry. The Original Flava Cookbook (self published may we add) is available on Amazon. From inspired veggie greats like Spiced Lentil Bolognese and Escovitch Tofu to joy for meat lovers with their Curry Goat Shepherd’s Pie. Cooking is relaxing for some, this cookbook will bring you joy. If timing is an issue for you, make one day a month available to cook as a family – good food, bonding and a perfect mark of culture appreciation.


CnD Drinks

Tired of the same old, same old well let us tell you about CnD Drinks! Have you ever craved some Sorrel or that taste of REAL Ginger Beer but can’t be bothered to make it ? Or maybe you are having a function and getting stressed. Fear not! This family owned business offers some great flavours. You know when you order a fruit punch and you get coloured water instead, well not a chance with these selections. The authenticity is all in the taste and they certainly lifted our spirits.




Dr Paulette Kumar


Coach and motivational speaker, Dr Kumar specialises in stress management and chronic fatigue (please see parts 2 and 3 of this series). Dr Kumar bravely shares her own story at events and has written a book entitled, “Healing M.E Naturally”. This book is so personable that after reading you will have to stop yourself from emailing Dr Kumar requesting a hug. Truly inspirational.


Laura Liles

This spiritual teacher and motivational speaker is so vibrant, you feel motivated before she has even spoken. Laura is the founder of ‘House of Her’ which is an online coaching academy dedicated to empowering women. With the empowering motto, “no woman left behind”, Laura’s pep talks and affirmations can truly make a difference to your day.


Heal your story – Carmen Harris


We believe Carmen Harris should receive an award for the title of her book let alone the amazing work she does. “Shit Happens Magic Follows”, is just one of her many publications. Heal your story is a beautiful and very honest concept that gives an entire new meaning to healing from the inside out. Taking healing to a new level, you can attend the emotional release clinic (distance healing is available) or energy release at the pain clinic among other amazing services. All entrepreneurs should definitely check this out: is your story holding you back in business?


Destiny Achieved Coaching – Lorraine Givans

“Step into alignment with your vision” is what is suggested and Lorraine Givans is on hand to show us how it’s done. Offering a supportive coaching service for business owners and entrepreneurs, Destiny Achieved provides a service that is so necessary. Starting a business is one thing but working within and towards your vision is something different. With this service you will no doubt, be inspired AND motivated.


Hope you have enjoyed our Wellbeing series of blog post on Afrocks. Let 2019 be the year where you put yourself first.
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Hello! My name is Simone, I am Head of Afro Hair & Business at Afrocks. I am a London-based self-taught natural hair stylist and braider. 
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