32 Gifts Ideas From UK Black Owned Businesses That Your Relatives Will Love For Festive Season

32 Gifts Ideas From UK Black Owned Businesses That Your Relatives Will Love For Festive Season

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Festive season is just around the corner – you can feel it in the air (and TV ads) but you are desperately in need of inspiration for your christmas presents. Afraid not! We’ve done all the work for you and picked awesome gifts from black owned brands that will definitely impress friends and family.



1. Black Mineral Eyeliner Powder from MoMineral®


Define your eyes with MoMineral® matt mineral eyeliner powder specially created to keep your look soft, fresh and natural. Our mineral eyeliner has an ultra-soft texture with a long lasting effect suitable for creating a smoky look. Mineral Makeup for Dark Skin.
MoMineral® UK Limited was established based on the principle that makeup should even out the skin tone, provide nourishment and protection while enhancing natural beauty.


2. Peppermint & Poppyseed Soap from Nylah


This handmade Peppermint & Poppy Seeds Soap is lovingly made using invigorating and antibacterial Peppermint essential oil and Poppy seeds for gentle exfoliation.

Visit Nylah website



3. Bourn Beautiful Hair Kit From Bourn Beautiful Naturals


7 amazing products that are designed to work with each other. BBN is one of our Afro Hair & Business manager’s favourite brand. That should tell you.


4. Coconut Body Butter From Leicala


Leicala Coconut body butter is whipped and blend in unrefined solid, essential and vitamin E oils leaving your skin nourished and moisture for 24 hours.
Visit website for more products

5. Book a Natural Hair In-Home appointment in London with Afrocks


Book a mobile afro hair stylist to your doorstep with Afrocks. Do you want to get your hair done from the comfort of your living room? Book one of our highly skilled specialist in London for natural hair, braids and locs.


6. Reversible Satin Bonnet from Happy Hair Box Co


Protect your hair throughout the night with these super cool reversible bonnets whilst looking great!
Happy Hair Box Co provides you with ethical hair care and household products.


7. Clay Mask Duo from Vegan Curls 


If your hair is damaged, this is the product for you. If your hair is dry, this is the product for you. If you want beautiful bouncy hair with no frizz that grows healthy, thick and long, this is the product for you!
Visit Vegan Curls website for more products


8. Protective Style Set from Afrocenchix


As it’s getting dark, cold and rainy, a lot of us are protecting our natural with ‘protective styles’ (Braids, Twists etc.) For hair care made simple get this set to keep your hair clean, moisturised and itch free.
Get more natural hair care products from Afrocenchix. Highly recommended!


9. Moisturising set from Sanctushair


Hibiscus & pomegranate shampoo and conditioner, plus Green Tea treatment to keep your hair strong, thick and healthy.
Visit Sanctushair website to discover more ethically produced, cruelty free hair products.


10. Handmade scrubs for body and face by Scrubz of London



Buy these natural handmade body and face scrubs that will leave your skin smooth and smelling gorgeous. Visit Scrubz of London Instagram page to order your set.


11. High Definition Signature Brows from Majiki Beauty


Look good and feel good for the festive season! This Signature Brow Design treatment includes amongst other things; tinting, waxing, threading, and make-up to create a fabulously defined eyebrow shape. Visit Lorraine’s salon in Hammersmith to get your brows on fleek.


12. Eyelash Curler From Kol Cosmetics


We all have THAT friend, aunty, sister or cousin who just love eyelashes right?  Get them a fantastic eyelash curlers to create a beautiful wide-eyed look. Lightweight with contoured rubber padding to fit all eye shapes, it gives straight lashes the perfect curl.
Visit Kol Cosmetics for more powder and lashes.


13. Nourishing Hair Creme from Luxju


Lovingly nourish and moisturize your curly hair with Luxju Natural Hair Products formulated from organic natural ingredients and essential oils. You will love the way this silky smooth, fragrant crème melts into your hair strands and how they remain soft, hydrated and nourished.
Look out for Luxju in the future, a very promising brand!


14. Unrefined Shea Butter from Monshea


Monshea™ Shea Butter is derived from the nut of shea tree found in West Africa. It has excellent moisturizing properties and naturally contains vitamins A, E & F. This means it can offer you anti ageing benefits, anti inflammatory properties,and will gradually help to even your skin tone,stretch marks or fade scars and liver spots.






15. Design & Architecture by Atelier K.


Ok this might not be the traditional Christmas gift, but if your parents/kids are planning to buy, refurbish or redesign their home/shop/interior, this could exactly be what they need. Barbados born director Khisha Clarke has wealth of experience both in the UK and abroad across  wide variety of projects, from small scale boutique to high end housing. Highly recommended!
Get in touch with Khisha now to discuss your projects.

16. Candle Holders from Detola & Geek


You could get this trio of African candle / tealight holders made in premium luxe ultra violet purple & gold African textile. It is laced all over with a gold honeycomb pattern. As Founder Tola Laseinde said “vibrant lampshades homeware & gifts, inspired by Africa  ….. my designs are bold, geometric, retro, tribal, mid century modern & sometimes geeky too!”
Visit the website


17. Dutch Wax Lampshades from Onua


These handmade lampshades will instantly give your room that ‘afro chic’ touch.
Seeking to make Western African culture accessible to all, ONUA is an embodiment of Western African artistry displayed in an elegant and harmonious way. You can find classy gifts such as mugs, cushions, lampshades or coasters. Visit Onua online shop now


18. A nice Cactus from Prick


Put some green in someone’s life! Prick is London’s first cacti and succulent specialist. They are based in Dalston, Kingsland Road, but also have an online shop if you are not around.
Could be a very original gift – Visit Prick’s online shop


19. ‘Africanaise’ iPhone case from Ayok’a


Be prouder than ever to grab your phone on the bus or train, showcasing beautiful, african inspired art and design case. Plus it really protects your device, so it’s not just for style!
Visit Ayok’a’s website for more gifts ideas.


20. Afrocentric notebook from Cinnamon & Brown


Cinnamon and Brown is  a Contemporary Afrocentric gifts and stationery shop to celebrate your authentic self. All designs are exclusive. The notebook featuring an illustration of a woman with a nice fro’ could be the perfect gift for you fav blogger friend. Cinnamon & Brown are exclusively on Etsy


21. Urban Greetings Card From Mygirlshelleyann


Black/Urban greeting cards and gifts created with LOVE, MAGIC and FLOW. Check out her store on Etsy


22. Multicolored African Print Travel / Neck Pillow from Clarkes Closet


Do you know someone who is always on a plane or a train?  This pillow is an absolute must-have to travel in comfort and style.
Clarkes Closet is a UK based company of Handmade  Rag Dolls, Children Accessories and home decor.


23. Weekly Haitian Coffee Subscription Delivered to Your Door from Ayitian Coffee


Sak pasé Ayiti! For those who need their daily coffee but always forget to grab a pack from local supermarket. We have what you need! Did you know that Haitian coffee is rich in flavour with a medium body and a relatively low acidity that gives this pleasant softness and smooth taste?
Find out more on their website!



24. Pasirose African Print Bow Tie from Asikara



Perfect gift for both men and women to look chic, afro and edgy in the party!
Asikara is a Fashion Label based in the UK that takes African influences and fuses them with contemporary British design to create stunning garments and accessories that reflect both cultures.


25. Designer Clutch Bag from Dea Akwa


This clutch bag will make you stand out from the crowd in style!
Dea Akwa specialises in unique handmade bags and accessories made out of textiles and other materials.


26. Silver Ball Clip Beads from LoveLuLu


Classy/trendy hair jewellery to beautify your braids and protective styles. Visit LoveLulu Instagram page to browse through full range of designs and jewels.



27. Goddess Crown Yellow Gold hair Jewellery from Nubian Decor


Perfect christmas present to adorn and beautify our amazing afro hair!
Nubian Decor is the home of exclusive handmade hair adornments and jewellery with Swarovski crystal detail.


28. Knitted Wrap for Long Locs from DredKnots


This Long knitted open top crown will be perfect to support your crown and keep you warm in winter.
Dredknots founder is from London but currently lives in Amsterdam – visit the website for more beautiful wraps


29. Ankara Print dress from MamMaw


This dressed named ‘the Shantel Pleated Pink Dress’ after MamMaw’s Head of Design Shantel is the perfect outfit to shine bright during end of year festivities.
MAM MAW is one of the UK’s leading online fashion brands specialising in dresses, skirts & tops made using Ankara styles, African patterns, Kente cloth and traditional fabrics. Check them out!


30. Dhalia Kimono from Alero Jasmine



Amazing gift for those of us who will be escaping the extreme rigour of british winter to spend a few days somewhere sunnier. Visit Alero Jasmine’s shop for more beautiful summer outfits.





31. 1h 1-2-1 Wellness Coaching Session With Coach Kandiss Riley


It says it all! Book 1h with coach Kandiss to discuss your fitness and wellbeing goals.
Probably to use after the festive period once you want to get back in shape ha!
Visit Kandiss Riley’s website for more information


32. Purification Bath Cleansing Kit From AuraKits


Packed with high quality products to cleanse and protect your energetic aura. Immerse yourself in a purifying herbal bath, within this kit you will receive three Herbal Cleansing Bath Sachets, one Lavender Candle, Rose Petal Infused Pink Himalayan Salts, three Healing Crystals and Natural Incense.
A must! More wellbeing kits on the website

Hope you enjoyed this list! If you want to discover more amazing black businesses read our highly popular post about the 36 UK black owned businesses you need in your life!

Let us know if you know of any other cool businesses doing amazing stuff. We would love to get them featured in our next blog post!
Enjoy the festive period!

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