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5 Black Businesses That Will Help Your Company Get More Exposure

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Building a startup/business from scratch without an enormous capital can be a long and draining process, but it does not have to be a lonely one. Indeed throughout the ups and downs of  the creative, building and launching phases, working on your brand has always been an extremely challenging yet rewarding component of the journey. Reflecting on the year’s encounters and in the spirit of sharing, here are five great black businesses that I have collaborate with or personally met/used, which I think can be useful to any small business owner.


Ariatu PR

Established in 2004 by Ronke Lawal, Ariatu PR will definitely help you increase your online visibility. Having worked with Ronke, she comes in as  knowledgeable in terms of tactical approach, proactive and very responsive. Plus she specialises in helping small businesses and startups (like Afrocks), thus understands all challenges you may face.
Not convinced yet? I mean…look at the way she amazingly manages her personal brand: videos, blogging, interviews etc. You can’t go wrong.
Website: http://www.ariatupublicrelations.com/


BoyWonder Management

BoyWonder Management is a south London based creative branding agency founded by Alexander Adeosun  and his brother Nelson. I met with Alexander in Calabash of culture cafe in Sydenham around some delicious vegan smoothies to discuss how we could collaborate – and I can tell you he is serious about getting things done. Even if we haven’t worked together yet, I was simply baffled by his professionalism, vision and ambition.
Check out their great work on their website, especially the video side of things.
Website: http://boywondermgt.com/


Leanne Lindsey

If like Afrocks, you need unique, quality content, then you can’t go wrong. Leanne is a life coach and a very talented content writer you can hire on a freelance basis. She can deliver analysis, opinion-based or listing on a very short turnaround time, and with very little guidance. So if you don’t have much time, she’s the perfect fit as you won’t need to check behind your back and be nervous about deliverables.
Website: http://leannelindsey.co.uk/



Starting your business is a challenge. But making money and being able to live off it is even harder. You will have to stay committed at least 3 – 5 years to reap the rewards of your hard work. Some businesses will need external investments to help them growing (this is our case), whether it is angel investment, VCs etc.
The idea behind GroExpo is quite amazing: create an afro-caribbean pool of investors that will invest in startups & projects in the UK, Africa or the Caribbean. There are still a lot of work to do on their end to make it happen but Taj, the founder, is definitely working hard on this. We actually had our first pitching opportunity at one of their events in August and it was a fab experience!
Website: http://www.groexpo.com/


DoItNowNow – Startups for Africa

Do it Now Now was created to help business owners and individuals with business ideas to learn and grow through online courses, masterclasses etc.
Even though I haven’t attended their events yet, I did register to their accelerator program where you can pick dates and time to meet face to face with a coach (I haven’t booked my sessions yet). I also subscribed to their bi-weekly newsletter to take advantage of a great number of tips, hacks and advice for your online business! Give it a go!
Website: http://doitnownow.com/

Do you know of any other black businesses that can help you increase your brand visibility or help you with your content/Marketing? Let me know and leave your comments!

If you are looking for something a bit more tactical on the online business side of things and specifically search engine optimisation, read our blog post about How we wrote one of the most shared blog post about UK Black Businesses with £50 budget


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