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5 Quick Tips to De-stress As A Black Startup Entrepreneur

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Our Founder and CEO Herve shares his experience on how to de-stress as a startup entrepreneur. This involve Palancing, brucking out and wining!

Creating a startup is a long, demanding and strenuous process that can leave even the strongest like a hollow shell, draining all you energy – your life! To be honest, this is not really surprising. As an entrepreneur, you probably have to deal with your day job to pay the bills and get you going whilst you hustle – in the best meaning of the word – evenings and weekends to grow your ‘side project’. If you are lucky enough to have secured angel/VC investment then this is another level of stress. Either way, you work a ridiculous amount of hours – even more if you are a black woman – fueled by passion and commitment.

Afrocks is not the first business I get in, despite my fairly young face. I’ve got a few scratches from previous fallout but it is still all about how you cope with stress and stressful situations.
I am no expert and some successful black entrepreneurs are probably in a better position to give you advice on this issue, so just consider it as me, Herve, CEO of Afrocks, sharing my journey with you!
Here are my best tips to de-stress and keep going no matter what:

Erykah Badu


Whenever I have a really tough day, I just plug my headphones and listen to Queen Erykah Badu! I am a big believer that the musical vibes has a formidable impact on both your mind and your body. Get some deep, strong soul voices and get lost in relaxation!

Do Combat Sport

Boxing Sparring

I used to be a professional Muay Thai boxing fighter and as such I was training five to six times a week. It felt good! Now that I have a toddler, well…things are a bit different and I can’t be away that often. But from time to time I get down to the gym, lace my gloves and hit the bag hard! Nothing better than getting your basic self out there in the line. Try boxing, kickboxing! I guarantee that you will feel so exhausted after a class that you won’t even have time to be stressed out!

Do not check at Your Smartphone if you wake up during the night


I used to do it all the time. Sometimes you wake up at 2am and what do you do? Get your smartphone, check emails, Twitter, Facebook or your sales dashboard if you have an ecommerce website. Whilst you must be on top of your things just think about it from another angle: Even the greatest warriors needed to rest at some point. Opening various application/reports/dashboards when you are half asleep is only going to bring more stress into your exhausted mind. I know it’s not easy but I try really hard to respect that rule.

Be ‘There’ and ‘Do something’ once a week with Family


This one is specifically for married/in a relationship people with very young kids (like me).
Set some rules, limits. You work 70 hours a week? Well let’s make wednesday a family day then! You go out to your local restaurant with the family! Or you get home early, spend time with the kids, have a great dinner, bath them etc. For a few hours all your stress will just disappear! Kids have that amazing way to make you feel better in their very special way!
Too busy? Set a calendar alert to remind you to go home, have fun and switch off work!

Go to a Soca/Bashment/Afrobeat/HipHop/Zouk Party


You get it! GO OUT AND SHAKE THAT TING! Jump, Dance, Roll it, Wine, Laugh, Bruck Out, Palance, Jam! August is upon us and Notting Hill Carnival might be a good excuse to Shake all the negativity off. Sweat it out, go home and have a good sleep!
If you are not a party animal, then just grab a drink with friends after work!

Do you have any tips to avoid stress and burn out?

Founder & CEO at Afrocks


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