9 Things To Check Before Choosing Your Afro Hair Salon

9 Things To Check Before Choosing Your Afro Hair Salon

Picking the right hair salon can be anxiety-inducing for anyone, particularly for people with afro hair. There are many options out there but knowing which to choose can be hard. There are several things you need to look out for before you put your head in the hands of a stranger so you can get the best service and experience. We have done the hard work of compiling a list of 9 things to check before choosing your afro hair salon. Let’s delve fully into the topic.

1. What are people saying about their service?

Your hair can help make or mar your personality, so never make the mistake of walking into a salon with a bad reputation. An excellent way to know if the afro hair salon you’re about to visit is to check their social media pages. Check out what their previous customers are saying about their expertise as it gives insight into the quality of the services they deliver and how they treat their customers. If the reviews are glowing, there’s a good chance that the salon is one of the best around.


2. How do their customers look?

Another way to tell the quality of an afro hair salon is by looking around for their customers. Just hang out around their website and/or social media and check photo gallery and portfolio so you can take a look at how the customers look when leaving the place. How do they look? Do you like the quality of their look and style? Customers are a salon’s proof of expertise; so be sure to look beyond the marketing to the finished product, because that’s what counts.


3. What are their prices?

“You get what you pay for” often applies when it comes to choosing your afro hair salon. Hairdressing is an expensive profession and it’s going to cost you good money to hire the services of a natural hair specialist. Be suspicious of any afro hair salon that offers heavy discounts on their services as it could be a red flag that your hair is about to be done at a bad salon.  While discounts can be quite attractive, always put in mind that it always goes back to “cost versus value.”


4. Do they make use of technology?

The best salons make use of technology to connect with their customers and showcase their expertise. For starters, the best salons have a website that serves as a window into their business from which you can see the services they offer and pick out the stylist to match your budget. You are also likely to find content that shows that they have an in-depth understanding of their business. Going further, innovative salons today also make use of electronic portfolios for descriptive guest consultations and integrated technology to improve communication and collaboration between team members.


5. Do they give you a consultation?

Another thing you should look out for is the salon’s willingness to give you a consultation. This is your opportunity to know if the stylist is as good with his/her brains as they are with their hands. Don’t walk into a salon and immediately head to the shampoo area or let them book you without talking to you about what you want. They should first ask how you look after your hair, how often you look after your hair, what kind of end result you want and many other questions. You can often tell if the salon is good-quality by the way they create a rapport, pay attention to all you are saying and the advice they offer.


6. Do they use high-quality products?

Contrary to popular opinion, the choice of products used on your hair in the salon matters. Good hair quality products can positively transform how your hair looks and feels, so it’s important to check to see the quality of hair care products a salon uses for its customers. Many stylists use products that are new to the market and try to convince their customers to use them without taking into consideration your needs. If you notice a stylist is trying to push products on their clients, it’s likely that they’re trying to compromise on quality because they want to earn extra money. So make it a practice to always ask for the products they use, after all, your hair is at stake.

7. Do they have natural hair specialists?

Afro hair differs from other hair types and requires a unique approach to dressing it, so you have to be sure the salon you want to visit has natural hair specialists. Natural hair specialists are stylists that understand the innate volume, texture and colour of African hair and can work on it without using heavy processing techniques. For example, a natural hair specialist won’t recommend a texturizer or reach for hairspray because they know the products can damage your afro hair. They must also know the proper tools to use for natural hair as well as hair care products that are specially formulated for afro hair.

8. Do they exhibit professionalism?

Another way to recognise a high-quality salon is to sit in the reception area and watch how they work. Do they cancel appointments with customers at the last minute because of factors that are actually within their control? Are the stylists giving the customers their full attention or they’re holding conversations among themselves? Are they using their phones intermittently when they should be using both hands to get the job done? This might seem like a no-brainer but the level of professionalism plays a key role in the end-result and the overall experience you will have.

9. Do they make cleanliness a priority?

Always look out for cleanliness whenever you step into a salon. Are their shampoo bowls are clean? Do you notice hair scattered all over the floor from the previous hairdressing? Is there wax all over the perimeter of the wax pot in the spa room? Is there a colour on the side of the bowl? The best salons have a constant dedication to keeping a clean facility because they know this can positively or negatively affect the experience of their customers.


Picking the right afro hair salon can help prevent common problems (such as hair loss and scalp damage) as well as make you look chic and feel confident. The 9 tips above can help you find that special afro hair salon that’s right for you. If you are looking for a mobile afro hairdresser in London make sure you check us out!

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