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With Afrocks New Mobile Website It’s Even Easier To Find And Book Your Locs, Braids or Natural Hair Stylist

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Back in January 2017 we officially launched Afrocks’ adventure by communicating our vision and idea to our followers, fans and community.
2016 was definitely a big year for us as after a year of very hard work we had finally managed to get something out that people could actually use.

Afrocks has also grown as a business in 2016 when our Beta version attracted our first paying (and satisfied!) customers, meaning that you guys actually liked it and decided to trust us.
Still, in many ways, we feel we’re really only getting started. After a couple of weeks into 2017 we quickly realised that mobile was and will be key to Afrocks’ successful run as almost 71% of users visiting our platform do it from their mobile device.
Although fully responsive, the first version wasn’t up to what you could expect in terms of user experience.
That is why we decided to completely reshuffle our mobile version in order to:
– Improve design
– Improve user interface, thus user experience
– Smoother transaction process
– Build more trust with our customers

So what’s new on the mobile site that will make it much better than the previous version?

Whole new layout

We’ve collected loads of feedback from all of you and found many areas for improvement. The new template is going to be a lot faster, easier to use and nicer to look at than the old one. It will almost feel like an app!



Better flow

Our goal is to build the smoothest possible flow for you, so you can select and book your stylist very quickly if needed. In the previous version if you were not registered as a user you had to wait until the stylist’s selection to create your account. This late sign up process was creating an uncertainty feeling among customers and was in fact increasing the probability of clients drop off from.
In the new version you will now have to create your account from the very beginning. Whilst we understand it’s a big change from old version, this will allow you to be free to browse around and book without any further interruption.

Private messaging system

You will now be able to private message your stylist before booking, if you are unsure about something or if you want more information. Trust before anything else!

stylist-conversationDisplaying reviews left by users

We also understand that trust is a big issue when it comes to online purchase, especially when it comes to your beautiful hair: you want to book a vetted, trusted stylist. You also want to check what other clients who have been styled by the professional have to say. We decided to display full ratings and reviews on the stylists’ profiles to help you make your choice.
These reviews are 100% genuine: once a booking is completed, the client receives an individual link to rate and review the service received. It means that someone who hasn’t been styled by the hairdresser cannot leave a review.

Building all of this took time, and it was quite stressful. But I fully believe that these changes will make your life simpler when you will need to book a stylist and rock your hair. We are going to have exciting times ahead, and want to invite you along for the ride!

We are of course welcoming feedback from users as we are always looking to improve! Feel free to send any feedback/questions on hello@afrocks.com.

To see the new mobile site please visit the website using your mobile device Afrocks.com



herve-profile-roundHey! I am Hervé the Founder & CEO of Afrocks, a platform connecting mobile afro hair stylist with clients. I love having a good fight (inside a ring), excel spreadsheets and formulas and other geek stuff. Get in touch!
Email: herve@afrocks.com
Twitter: @hervedespois


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