Cantu Leave In Conditioner Shea Butter Repair Cream Review: Happy Not Happy…

Cantu Leave In Conditioner Shea Butter Repair Cream Review: Happy Not Happy…


Hi my name is Vanessa Redhead. I love experimenting with my hair and currently, I have shoulder length red hair. Yes, red, the whole head and I love it. As you know, or as you should know, coloured hair need to be treated with extra TLC.  Moisturising is the process that will keep you from turning into a walking straw broom. So if you have damaged or coloured hair or are into the moisturising movement, keep on reading ;).

I usually review my products according to 5 criteria:

  • -price/quantity
  • -availability.
  • -efficacy
  • -composition.
  • -black owned.

Today I will be reviewing the classic: Cantu Leave in Conditioner Shea Butter Repair Cream. This is a product extremely popular on the market. You know it, you must have seen it. Cantu is almost everywhere. I’ve been using it for the past 5 years as my daily leave in conditioner. It comes in a round 16Oz tub, a lot in there for roughly £5.49 though I have seen it cheaper in Brixton. It’s fantastic and works wonders for my curly and dry hair.

The consistency isn’t slippery it’s quite a thick texture almost like a body moisture. The smell is divine! It has a light vanilla scent, which is not too strong for regular use. As a light protein treatment, I use this 3 times a-week.

To apply it, I like to section my hair into 4 and slather a good hand full of product to each section. Then, it smooth the product in rubbing and combing until every single strand of hair is covered from roots to ends. It is a loving process as you can see on the video. Don’t rush it, stay gentle, you’ll see results I guarantee you. Straight away my hair goes from dry and stressed, to soft and caressed. I also like to use it as an alternative to my Eco Gel as it slicks my hair just as amazingly with no fly always. I really like this product but since nothing earthly is perfect there are of course a few inconveniences.

For one, I am not too keen on the consistency as it is quite on the thicker side, making it harder for my hair to absorb it. However, spraying your hair with your usual spritzer or plain water helps the application in addition to optimise the moisturising process. Secondly, though the product is essentially composed of water and shea butter, it still contains some of the nasties such as polyquaternium 37 and stearalkonium chloride, which are both hair detangling agents on the darker side of chemical ingredients. Lastly, although Cantu Beauty hires a lot of black women, it is still not a black owned business.

I score this product a good 7/10

  • -price/quantity: 2
  • -availability: 2
  • -efficacy: 2
  • -composition: 1
  • -black owned: 0




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