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How We Wrote One Of The Most Shared Blog Post About UK Black Businesses With £50 Budget

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20 years ago, Bill Gates said  ‘Content is King’, and in today’s digital world, it is as relevant as ever. Though content marketing is not a new concept, it is particularly pertinent, quasi crucial, for small businesses. With big companies spending big cash in advertising to occupy the online space, content marketing is vital to small & medium black businesses to showcase their expertise, and expand their brands.

Because it’s June and that we are really proud of ourselves,   I will tell you how we, at Afrocks, managed to pull out one of the most successful article (almost) ever written about UK Black Owned businesses on the internet on a  £50 budget. Yes £50, we are not pulling your legs as shown on Buzzsumo:

To show you that we are not fooling you, here is the proof of what we say. Below you will find a screenshot of Buzzsumo software. This software tracks the most shared content on internet based on keywords. Not convinced yet? Head over to buzzsumo.com (it’s free to use) and type ‘UK black owned businesses’ in the search bar – then see for yourself.




“Why did you write about black businesses”You may ask?

The answer is quite simple: because support is key!
As a black business owner I understand how important promotion and visibility is in this community which is filled with talented and innovative people that are often underrated. Bringing the attention to this community is technically bringing attention to my business in a wholesome and organic way.


First step: find some great Black owned businesses.

And they are around! Twitter is a real gold  mine and, with the correct tools, I was able to find more than 300 business. So hashtag away: #UKBlackOwnedBusinesses #BlackPound, #BlackEconomics etc…


Alternatively you can use directories such as ukblackowned.co.uk


Put your list together.

You have to define your criteria and be consistent. In our case, we verified if:

-They have a website.

-The website is updated and offers relevant and accurate information about the business.

-The website is visually appealing (great design and user experience).


Write your post. If you are not good at writing or don’t have time, hire someone!

You may have picked up by now that English is not my first language, and to add to the difficulty of the writing process, I have now two small children who demand my attention whenever I sit down and try to write. But this is not the end of the world. If I can do it, anyone can. Be sure that you know how to address your audience and that your research are thorough and your basic English will not matter. If you do not have the time, there are a lot of content writers available for hire. I often work with Leanne Lindsey and she is top quality!


Add compelling images and visuals.

“A picture speaks a thousand words”. It is very important to be able to illustrate properly the business that you are referencing. Take the time to find high quality images and of course make sure to credit the author. This is good practice.



Promote your article with paid advertising (Yes, it’s not that expensive).

I find that most of my audience is very active on Facebook. It made sense to invest in paid advertising on this platform. “Paid Advertising” can look and sound intimidating for the digital novice, but it is actually fairly straightforward to set up (read more about setting up a Facebook ad campaign here) and quite cheap. For instance for a £5 investment, I was able to reach +1,500 people thanks to the targeting options available.


Reach out to Black businesses featured in your blog post.

Good writing and paid advertisement do not guarantee a viral post. You need to do some ground work by reaching out to all the listed businesses, whether via twitter or a good old email. In our case we to took to twitter to inform them of the listing. Be engaging, concise and to the point:





Engage, discuss, comment.

When all is done, you need to commit to answer the comments, and engage with all those who are reaching out to you. Here is our blog comment section where we took time to answer to each visitors


Analyse results: impact on traffic and organic Google rankings.

If you have an online business, you might be familiar with Google Analytics. If you don’t, get on it. It is very important as it helps you track your website performances whether it is the number of visitors or the reach of your content. In our case, the impact was almost instantaneous.screen-shot-2017-06-16-at-14-32-56

On longer term it also had an amazing impact on our organic ranking – we are now super visible for keyword very competitive like ‘uk black owned business’screen-shot-2017-06-16-at-14-21-24


Hopefully this blog post will encourage and inspire our vibrant black business community.
Before getting to this point, be aware that I tried stuff, failed, tried again, tested and finally kind of discovered what was working. This is all about sharing knowledge with you guys so you don’t have to waste too much of your precious time (and money).
So get to your keyboards now and let the creativity flows around!

Looking for more tactical advice? Read how we validated Afrocks startup idea without wasting too much time!


Hey! I am Hervé the Founder & CEO of Afrocks, a platform connecting mobile afro hair stylist with clients. I love having a good fight (inside a ring), excel spreadsheets and formulas and other geek stuff. Get in touch!
Email: herve@afrocks.com
Twitter: @hervedespois

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