How I Learnt To Embrace My Short Natural Hair

How I Learnt To Embrace My Short Natural Hair

I thought it would be interesting to share with you what I have been doing to embrace my natural hair during its short stage.

I have been natural all my life, but my hair hasn’t always been healthy. I’m not sure how old I was when my mum said I was old enough to do my own hair. It wasn’t daunting or scary at all, that was only because I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

Now in my early twenties I’m actually paying attention to what my hair is doing and how it is responding to different products. I didn’t do a big chop, however I did cut a few inches off my hair in hopes that it would grow quicker and healthier. My hair has never been longer than shoulder length when stretched and/or straightened. Even though I have only know myself to have short hair, it did bother me for a while. Now I’m learning to embrace it.


Be Creative

I recently tried out a cute faux braided style. Something I have never tried before and didn’t really consider doing until I saw a few other naturals use braiding hair to create pretty looks.

I think the main reason us naturals want length is for styling purposes. Longer hair doesn’t necessarily mean more styling options,  however the styles that can be created with longer hair differ from those with shorter hair. It really is just about what styles you want and what works for your hair, and many other factors that come into play when styling natural hair.

Doing this faux braided bun got me excited and eager to try out some other styles using braiding hair and also playing around with my own hair.
Be creative, try out new styles, have fun with it and experiment with different tools and products – The only issue with being creative is you might need to wash your hair more, especially if you’re using a lot of products.


Be Carefree

Sometimes I can be accidentally care free. I have left my house way too many times with questionable hair styles.

Rock your curly puffs, kinky fro’s and coily coils.

I definitely used to feel some type of way when my hair was shorter. Not being able to get it into one bun would frustrate the hell out of me, but you just have to work with what you’ve got. I would end up putting my hair in two, which just made me look even younger than I already look.

Even now when I go to work, nine times out of ten my hair is in cornrows, I need to protect my ends and I don’t want to have to style my hair everyday for work – You gotta do what you gotta do.


Be Patient

Your hair will grow.
You can assist, but it will do what it has to do.
Let it do its thang.

I have given up with the whole length check thing. I tend to go by how my hair is when styling. I have noticed certain parts of my hair no longer sticks out, so I know those parts have grown.

You have to be patient and do what it is that you have to do to make sure your hair is getting all the goodness it needs and before you know it your hair and scalp will be thanking you.

Patience is a major key when it comes to managing natural hair. Consistency, attention and protective styling are also some major keys. I’m starting to realise that now, especially now that I am paying more attention to my scalp and hair.


Take Care

This is obvious, but I know I took this point for granted in the past.

Your hair isn’t really going to grow nor grow healthy if you’re not taking care of it. Essentially you have to treat your hair like a plant, a very high maintenance and demanding plant; water it, feed it, protect it and care for it.

Being natural is hard work, but extremely rewarding.
Hopefully this post has encouraged you to embrace your natural hair when it’s short.


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