The Best Afro Hair Accessories Every Naturalista Needs

The Best Afro Hair Accessories Every Naturalista Needs

Whether your hair tight 4C curls or looser 3B ringlets, the key to establishing a good hair care routine for your hair afro is having the right tools. The outcome of your washday relies on the methods and tools that you use – it’s not always the product’s fault! Every naturalista should have a kit of afro hair accessories that they can rely on for easy styling and maintenance throughout the week. Here are some of the top afro hair accessories that you should invest in.

Wide-tooth comb

There are so many uses for a good wide tooth comb but the main benefit is being able to detangle hair easily. Afro hair can become easily tangled, especially if you have ‘Z’ or ‘O’ shaped curls and this can lead to single strand knots also known as fairy knots. These are small bead-like knots at the end of your hair that can rip the hair when you don’t detangle properly. Having a wide-tooth comb means you aren’t pulling on the hair and you can work in small sections from the bottom up. They can be used on both wet and dry hair as well as being gentle on the scalp.

Sectioning clips

Sectioning your hair is great for ensuring that your products are distributed evenly, so crocodile clips and slides are essential. Some naturalistas section their hair in the shower so their scalp is properly cleansed and all product build-up is removed. Once out of the shower clips can also be used to tie up your hair when a hair mask or deep conditioner has been applied, this will keep it out of your face until you’re ready to rinse. Lastly, when you’re trying to do fiddly hairstyles clips will make it easier to work around your head without pieces of loose hair getting caught.

Microfibre towel

When you get out of the shower one of the biggest mistakes many naturalists make is using a regular towel to dry their hair. The difference between a microfibre towel and a bath towel is the fibres and the way they affect your hair. Microfibre towels are gentler on curly hair yet often speed up drying time without creating frizz as there is no need to rub your hair just simply squeeze your hair to remove the moisture. If you have heavier hair and struggle with removing excess water yet don’t want it to dry out too quickly, using a microfibre towel will preserve the elasticity of your curls without being too abrasive.

Spray bottle

Every naturalista needs a spray bottle as it’s one of the most useful items in your hair care routine. Spray bottles can be picked up very cheaply but they’re one of the best investments you can make! For refreshing your hair in the morning, a spray bottle will spritz the hair and reactivate your styling products for hydrated curls. As the week goes on your curls can become dull and frizzy, but instead of completely rewashing it, having a spray bottle to hand means you can review your curls and save time in the morning.

Styling brush

To achieve defined curls, it’s all about the styling technique you use as well as the products. If your current technique is not creating your desired look, it could be time to invest in a good styling brush. A Denman brush or Tangle Teezer are two of the most popular styling brushes as the bristles are amazing for helping each strand curl nicely without any frizz. These can be used on both wet and dry hair, although you’ll probably get the best usages on wet hair for eliminating knots and detangling. Even if you enjoy styling your hair using your hands, it’s always worth having a good styling brush in your collection.

Headscarf or bonnet

There’s no point going to all that effort of styling your hair if you’re not going to look after it at night. If you haven’t invested in a satin headscarf or bonnet, you need to! As you sleep, your natural oils can be drawn out by your cotton bedding and pillowcases as well as added frizz when you move around. Wrapping your hair at night is a simple step that can make a big difference especially on freshly washed curls. Not only do they keep your hair neat throughout the night but they also promote healthier hair by preventing damage and breakage.

Afro comb

No natural hair kit is complete without an afro comb. Even if your hair looks big, using an afro comb on your roots can lift your roots even more for voluminous hair that looks amazing. Used at the end of styling or as you refresh your hair throughout the week, all you need to do is shake out your hair and tease the roots until you achieve the level of volume that you like. If you like wearing your hair big but struggle to create a nice shape, using an afro pick is what you need!


While air-drying may work for some, if you have a busy schedule or simply don’t like waiting for your hair to dry, using a diffuser is the way forward. A diffuser is a hairdryer attachment that blows hot air through the nozzle without disrupting your curl pattern. After washing your hair and applying your styling products, it’s best to flip your hair over, slowly move the diffuser around your head then gently lay your curls on the diffuser in sections. The airflow will help your curls form and give you volume in half the time it takes to air dry. You don’t need to have a fancy hair dryer or expensive diffuser to reap the benefits and it will last you for years to come!

Investing in good hair accessories is a sure-fire way of improving your hair, but don’t forget to check out our blog page for the best afro hair tips and tricks!

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