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What’s Going On With Afrocks? 6 Things You Want To Know But Are Too Afraid To Ask

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Afrocks has been around for a few weeks now and we are truly amazed by the interest generated by the idea. We receive dozen of messages and questions per day, and we love it! Keep pushing us! There are however some questions you probably want to ask us…and we are answering right here!

1. When will the website launch? We are tired of waiting…

We actually had what we call a ‘soft launch’, meaning that you can actually go on afrocks.com and browse around. All links are fully functional and we encourage you to check them all so you know all about the our vision, mission and the objective. Our blog is updated on a regular basis by our writers with some pretty cool content. Do check Jessy’s latest piece on Google algorithm showing up afro hair when the keywords ‘Unprofessional hairstyle’ are typed in. Very insightful…
The full website launched is scheduled in a couple of weeks for now. A more precise date will be communicated to you very soon.

2. You have been saying that the website is coming soon for a while. Is there a problem?

Not at all, really! Our CEO Herve Despois wants us to put the customer (you!) at the very centre of the business. This means having a very open communication/relationship with you above all. If you browse the website, you will see that everything is in place and working pretty well. We are just waiting on a few tech bits plus paperwork to get done before we can launch.

3. I am a client. Can I book a stylist now?

Not yet. We do have around 25 amazing stylists already registered in our back office but we haven’t made profiles and bookings available to public yet as we are still working on a few things. But we promise you will be able to book your hairdresser very soon. You can however sign up as a client on the following link sign up as a client. You will automatically receive a welcome email with your logins. If you have signed up but haven’t received any email, please let us know at hello@afrocks.com. By signing up directly on the website now, you will be the first to be contacted when full launch will happen.

4. I am a stylist and I registered a profile on the website. What will happen?

First of all, we want to thank for taking a few minutes to fill out your profile. You should have received an email confirmation your registration. Your profile is currently in a pending status and will be approved a few days before full launch. Meanwhile, we have probably tried to call you or get in touch with each of you to have a quick chat, say hello, share a joke or get some feedback. If for some reason you haven’t heard from us, send us a quick email at hello@afrocks.com. We are literally overwhelmed by the number of profiles we received and we are very grateful, but unfortunately not all of them will make it through as we really want the very best for our customers.

5. Will Afrocks be free to use?

Yes, absolutely!
As a client you can sign up for free – sign up fee or monthly membership. You will just have to pay for the style you want with your card at the end of purchase process. You can check out the how afrocks works section on the website.
As a stylist, you can register for free as well. No hidden fees! Contact us at hello@afrocks.com if you wish to have more information.

6. Will you do weaves or perms?

Afrocks wants to be the first on-demand marketplace dedicated to Natural Hair Care. As such you won’t be able to find stylists doing weaves or perms. This is a choice we firmly stand by – but without any disrespect for women who chose to go for it. All Black Women are beautiful and this is not our role to judge anybody.

If you have more questions, we invite you to check the FAQ section of our website.
Or you can just shoot us an email hello@afrocks.com and we will get back to you before you blink (errrm within 24 hours).

The Natural Hair Revolution is happening.
Will you sit by watching?

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