14 UK Black Hosted Podcast To listen to While You’re Getting Your Afro Hair Styled

14 UK Black Hosted Podcast To listen to While You’re Getting Your Afro Hair Styled

Photo credit: Snatch Edges podcast

By far, live radio has been dominating the audio landscape for ages. However, with mainstream media often being pointed and the level of trust declining, we can arguably wonder if this era of glory is coming to an end?
Our habits have evolved drastically, especially when smartphones landed in our hands. Millennials know it well.They are the biggest consumers of audio content on mobile devices.
The last decade have been witnessing the rise of podcasts. According to the Radio Joint Audience Research, 6.4 million adults or 12% of the adult population in UK use a Podcast in an average week and that number is growing year on year.

Many of us, today, are seeking to be entertain with more specific, easy to digest, readily available and culturally close content. So to help you get more familiar with the voices of diversity, here is a list of 14 black hosted podcast to listen to.


Afro Hair Podcasts

1. Snatched Edges Podcast

Ebuni is a true natural afro hair specialist. She does wonderzzz on clients’ head, and it’s not me saying it. See it by yourself, have a look at her profile on Afrocks
It happens that she is also brilliantly hosting this all-natural hair related podcast. Want to know how to maintain your curls, moisturize your tips, heal your scalp? Tune in to get her insights.


2. Mane Of Your Own


Twice a month, join Lynda Moyo and Claire Quansah as they talk openly about Afro hair and the decisions and choices black and mixed race women make about their hair on a daily basis. Whether you rock natural or relaxed hair, box braids, cornrows, wigs or weaves, regardless of your hairstyle, texture, length, or preference, this podcast opens up the conversation on hair and blackness in the modern day.


Opinion, Social and Lifestyle


3. The Receipts Podcast


(UK) That’s a receipt you won’t worry receiving as you’ll get value for your money (yeah, just pretend to, it’s also a free podcast). A team of unapologetic girls exploring topics that all of us can relate to.


4. Who you calling a podcast


(UK) As soon as you have made a thought, laugh at it. — Lao Tsu
That could have been the motto for those 3 accomplices in their refreshing show.
At the time I am writing this post, the girls have taken a break from podcasting. However, there are loads of episodes that you can listen to while waiting for the newest one.



5. 3 Shots Of Tequila


That’s an all you can drink kind of tequila. Everyday life discussions are flavoured, served with a pinched of humour and slices of self-mockery. Ran by Marv Abbey, Tazer Black and Mr. Exposed, the boys will discuss everyday life in London, relate their dating experiences, entrepreneur journey etc. Sharing and enjoying it with others is also advisable.


6. BlacklistedUK


Make sure you don’t blacklist them as you might miss some real talk. They deliver their message with clarity and enthusiasm. They are addressing any type of issue, often submitted by the audience.

7. Meet Us After 7


This show is broadcast on Sunday as a treat to finish the week or as an incentive to prepare for the next one. Ran by JustGeen & Big Man Yus, the podcast will discuss relationships, love, sex, culture, music, TV, dilemmas, banter and much more. A well balanced hosting duo, two charming voices carrying you in their universe.


8. Say Your Mind


This brilliant podcast run by Kelechi Okafor is one of the best out there if you’re into discussing racism, misogyny, diversity and all other issues faced by black people in and outside of the UK. Terrifically clinical! Beautiful language ha!

9. Cut The Chat 


“The barber chair podcast” It can’t be truer than that! It brings me back 10 years ago before I started growing my locks. I remember myself seated in that comfy chair, facing the mirror with the trimmer’s noise in my ear and listening to cross discussions of guys reshaping the world. The feeling is now downloadable!


Arts, Business and Tech


10. Artistic state of mind


When it comes to topic-oriented podcasts, you cannot fake them. You better be a specialist and love what you are talking about. Don’t look further. In the plethora of shows around, talking about music and art is rare enough to be noticed, doing it this way, is itself an artistic performance. Join Juliana and Chama chat about everything on the modern workings of the music and the arts industry.


11. Mostly Lit


We cannot stress enough the importance of literature. Knowledge is power, isn’t it?
The team behind this podcast share it with passion, having a discussion with some inspiring guests. Join Alex Reads, Raifa, and Derek Owusu, in their journey to keep up with the millennial experience, while exploring the intersection between literature, wellness and pop culture. I have to admit that Mostly lit. is an absolute hit!


12. Wanna be podcast

Imrie was co-hosting the former Melanin Millennial podcast and presumably caught the virus from that first experience. She is back with as much energy as before, focusing this time on topics around business and personal development.


13. Making Money Moves Podcast


The podcast opens up conversations about money, mindset, diversity and the moves people have made to build successful businesses. If you are a female entrepreneur, a high impact woman or are simply looking for inspiration, this podcast is aimed at you. Guests share tips and strategies, which can be applied at any stage of the entrepreneurial journey. Brilliantly hosted by Janet Oganah and Adonica Simmons!


14. Techish podcast


A podcast by two millennials talking about all things tech, pop culture, and life. Hosted by Abadesi Osunsade and Michael Berhane, who happened to be amongst the most influential diverse people in tech (They’ve both been featured in 2018 Financial Times Most influential BAME tech leaders list!)
A must if you are into startups and tech!


Here you are with 14 black hosted podcasts. Wherever you’re getting pampered by an Afrocks stylist, commuting to work, cooking at home or enjoying a walk, opportunities won’t be missed to tune in to a show to your taste.
Are you following and already listening to another great podcast that we haven’t mentioned in here? Feel free to tell us about it, comment and share!

If you want to discover more amazing UK Black businesses, read our most popular blog post about 36 UK Black businesses you need in your life. Thank us later 🙂



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