How To Find Your Natural Hair Stylist or Salon With Afrocks in Less Than 2 Minutes

How To Find Your Natural Hair Stylist or Salon With Afrocks in Less Than 2 Minutes


Hello Folks!
I have a very good news for you: Our website is (finally) live! After months and months of hard work we have released our Beta version. Beta version means that it is not the finished product and there are probably a few things to fix here and there. But we are live and you now book a stylist in less than 2 minutes, by doing the following:

1. Go on

Sounds like a no-brainer but hey! After such a long time with a ‘coming soon’ page acting as our homepage, we are entitled to a little bit of bragging. Just a bit!



2. Select Your city

At the moment we only service London so you won’t have much choice, unfortunately. When you hit the homepage, just use the scroll down menu, select London and press the button ‘Let’s Find You A Stylist’.
Don’t worry if your city is not listed yet as we are planning to expand very quickly to other part of the UK including Birmingham, Manchester, Leicester, Glasgow etc. and much more.




3. Select where you want your service to be delivered

Even though we are planning on featuring a majority of mobile stylists, we are also working on adding quality salons.



4. Select Your Service

You will find 3 main categories: Braids & extensions, Locs and natural hair. Under each category you will be able to select exactly the service you want, whether it’s Locs interlocking retwist or Box Braids.
When choosing your subcategory you will be asked to let your stylist know your hair length and thickness so we can calculate the price of service. Don’t worry, it’s pretty straight forward!





5. Enter your address

Enter your address, postcode, phone number and additional information (allergies etc.). These information will be forwarded onto your stylist.


6. Select date and time

The calendar will allow you to choose what day you want to get your service delivered, depending on stylists availability. We have made it easy for you to select a day with stylists already available by highlighting days box in orange.


7. Choose your stylist

For the date selected, a selection of available stylist will show up. Make your choice and book the time that suits you best depending of your style duration. Please note that the stylists featured on Afrocks set their own prices.
You will find other useful information on the stylist’s profile: a quick bio, years of experience, products used, qualifications and a photo gallery – to help you make your decision.
At the moment we only have 4 stylists featured on the platform so availability might be limited but we have a massive list waiting to be vetted! So we’ll be adding more very soon!


8. Enter your card details

Enter your card details – your will only be charged when the stylist confirms the appointment. So far confirmations have been sent within an hour of booking if the request was made during office hours. This is our standard process to ensure that you haven’t been double-booked. You will receive an email and a text message confirming your appointment.
The money will then be placed into a virtual wallet and only be released to your stylist once the appointment is finished.


You can now relax!

Want to give it a try? Find your natural hair stylist or salon

If you have feedback on our beta version please let us know!

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