Published on 15 August 2016 by Afrocks

Interview of Sandra Dodds, Founder of BlackHairBlackBeauty Natural Hair Salon in South London


Following the opening of their brand new natural hair salon in Norwood, South London, we briefly talked with Sandra Dodds, founder of Black Hair Black Beauty. You should hear what she has to say! Very inspiring!

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Published on 1 August 2016 by Afrocks

5 Quick Tips to De-stress As A Black Startup Entrepreneur

Our Founder and CEO Herve shares his experience on how to de-stress as a startup entrepreneur. This involve Palancing, brucking out and wining!

Creating a startup is a long, demanding and strenuous process that can leave even the strongest like a hollow shell, draining all you energy – your life! To be honest, this is not really surprising. As an entrepreneur, you probably have to deal with your day job to pay the bills and get you going whilst you hustle – in the best meaning of the word – evenings and weekends to grow your ‘side project’. If you are lucky enough to have secured angel/VC investment then this is another level of stress. Either way, you work a ridiculous amount of hours – even more if you are a black woman – fueled by passion and commitment.

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Published on 23 July 2016 by Afrocks

We Spoke With The Team Behind The Trendy #UKBlackOwnedBusinesses And It’s Worth A Read! [Interview]

If you are a black business person and use Twitter on a regular basis, you have probably heard about the hashtag #UkBlackOwnedBusiness , right?
A few weeks ago we even wrote a viral blog post based on the super trendy hashtag 26 Cool UK Black Owned Businesses We Picked Up From Twitter Hashtag #UKBlackOwnedBusinesses.
We went to meet with the team behind the hashtag and asked them a few questions:

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Published on 10 July 2016 by Afrocks

Promoting Black Business: Calabash Of Culture Vegan Cafe in Sydenham, A Must-Go!

Whilst we are still waiting to officially launch Afrocks – our brand new website that will connect you with Natural Hair Stylist in Your Area (you can register to get notify when we launch) – and following our blog post on 26 freakin cool UK black owned businesses: here is a new episode! A quick video at the Calabash of Culture in Sydenham.

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Published on 6 July 2016 by Afrocks

26 Cool UK Black Owned Businesses We Picked Up From Twitter Hashtag #UKBlackOwnedBusinesses

Back in March when I was right inside the twists and turns of setting up Afrocks and getting the word out, I was already thinking about writing a fantastic blog post about Black-owned businesses. Now is probably the right time: there is a great hashtag going viral on Twitter #UKBlackOwnedBusinesses featuring literally hundreds of dedicated black people doing their thing. Here is a list of the most creative, fun, cool Black-Owned businesses we found through this amazing hashtag!
PS: This is has been put together by the Afrocks team based on our own criteria, which are of course subjective. It doesn’t mean that other businesses not listed below aren’t good…

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Published on 14 June 2016 by Afrocks

Facebook Ads for Natural Hair Stylists: Easy Step-by-Step Guide to Reach More Clients

Back in April, I wrote a blogpost about how independent natural hair stylists could get more clients     and better promote themselves on the internet. At that time we had a whole section dedicated to Facebook advertising. Well, I guess it is time to write that step-by-step guide that will drive traffic and clients to your website/Facebook page!

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Published on 24 May 2016 by Afrocks

Why We Believe Afrocks Is The Next Big Thing To Help You Find Your Natural Hair Stylist?

Wow! What a month it’s been for Afrocks so far! Well, we haven’t launched yet as we are being held back by a few admin stuff but we are keeping ourselves busy and meeting natural hair stylists and afro hairdressers all over London. We are also showing our friendly (I hope so!) faces in a number of networking events in the capital. All in all we are getting ready for our launch very soon. If you haven’t yet, you can sign up either as a client or as a stylist and we will get in touch with you prior to full website launch to let you know that this is happening.

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Published on 20 April 2016 by Afrocks

10 Mobile Natural Hair Stylists or Small Afro Salons With Great Online Presence

A few weeks ago we wrote about the importance for afro-caribbean hairdressers to have a strong online presence as we firmly believe that the revolution will be digitised. Here are 10 smaller braiders, locticians or natural hair stylists that are doing things right by feeding instagram profiles, updating websites or Facebook pages. Because it’s not all about the big boys and big salons. Good news: Some of them have also already registered to be on Afrocks platform and will be bookable when we go live.

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Published on 21 March 2016 by Afrocks

11 Mind-blowing Figures to Understand the Women of Afro Hair Market [Infographic]

It is a fact universally acknowledged that a black woman, MUST be in want of hair care products. Whilst the market has  been fluctuating with the latest trends, the natural hair revolution (yes we say it, a revolution) is drastically changing the economical dynamics for good. Because wearing one’s hair natural is not a fad, we have compiled 11 facts that should empower  business minded people such as creative stylists, cocoa and Shea butter producers… black women and men altogether! Yes, you’re welcome.

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Published on 15 March 2016 by Afrocks

Why I Wake Up Every Day

Welcome to Afrocks blog!

Ok, let me tell you a story. When I woke up this morning I asked myself: why do I wake up every day?
I usually wake up because my alarm clock gives me a hard time. I also wake because my second alarm clock – my 22 months-old boy – is usually up a 5.30am and doesn’t really appreciate when I am not sharing his fun (meaning running and jumping all around).
Ok, but why do I really wake up every morning? What drags me out of my comfy bed every morning?

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