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Promoting Black Business: Calabash Of Culture Vegan Cafe in Sydenham, A Must-Go!

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Whilst we are still waiting to officially launch Afrocks – our brand new website that will connect you with Natural Hair Stylist in Your Area (you can register to get notify when we launch) – and following our blog post on 26 freakin cool UK black owned businesses: here is a new episode! A quick video at the Calabash of Culture in Sydenham.

Back in May-June, when I was in what we call ‘Meeting your customers’ in the startup world (meaning talking with clients and stylists to get feedbacks), my routine was pretty much as follow:
– Waking up at 6am
– Checking emails, whatsApp, Twitter, Facebook…
– 9am: out out out! get out of your flat and talk to people! (I will tell you one day, maybe in another blog post, how I was giving out flyers in Shepherd’s Bush and how I got invited to church by 2 lovely ladies with beautiful Box Braids)
– Between 9am – 10pm travelling throughout London!

Needless to say that at some point during the day you just want to take a rest, open your laptop, check your emails and charge your phone. Well, I found the perfect spot: The Calabash of Culture in SYdenham, South-East London. It was so great that I decided to shoot a quick video to let the world know about how delicious the (vegan) food is!

Check them out on:
Their website

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