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Cantu Leave In Conditioner Shea Butter Repair Cream Review: Happy Not Happy…

Hi my name is Vanessa Redhead. I love experimenting with my hair and currently, I have shoulder length red hair. Yes, red, the whole head and I love it. As you know, or as you should know, coloured hair need to be treated with extra TLC.  Moisturising is the process that will keep you from turning into a walking straw broom. So if you have damaged or coloured hair or are into the moisturising movement, keep on reading ;).

Natural Hair Styling: The Only Industry Where You Expect Great Service Without Paying For It

Hi, my name is Simone (raises hand) and I am addicted to partings, braids, twists, combs, curls, waves, coils, kinks, accessories and all things Afro. This is one of the hardest pieces I have had to write because when it comes to Afro hair I can talk for days…seriously, I can but today I will spare you and try to be brief as we talk about the importance of RESPECT in this profession.

Amara La Negra: The Reason Why It Is Important To Promote Self Validation
2017 has been a year of harvest. I loved and was proud of Rai-Elle’s talent and look. Watching her on X-Factor felt warm and satisfying because seeing a young woman like her on the telly does not just happen.  It’s the fruit of tireless efforts and work around one main idea: normalising black features, in a society where, for a long time, one had to “tame” ones African phenotypes to fit in the “civilised western world”.
Meet your Afrocks Stylist #4 – Glenda, loctician in Lewisham
  New serie on Afrocks' blog! Discover our stylists through 5 funny/unusual questions


Don’t Give Up On Your Natural Hair…By An Afro Hair Stylist (Who Almost Gave up)
Recently one of my clients had major hair 'meltdown’. After I told her off for keeping her braids in for too long (tut,tut) she went on to say she's fed up with her hair, wants to cut it, what's the point, it won't grow, natural hair isn't for everyone....and the rest.
With Afrocks New Mobile Website It’s Even Easier To Find And Book Your Locs, Braids or Natural Hair Stylist
Back in January 2017 we officially launched Afrocks' adventure by communicating our vision and idea to our followers, fans and community. 2016 was definitely a big year for us as after a year of very hard work we had finally managed to get something out that people could actually use.
How I Learnt To Embrace My Short Natural Hair
I thought it would be interesting to share with you what I have been doing to embrace my natural hair during its short stage. I have been natural all my life, but my hair hasn't always been healthy. I'm not sure how old I was when my mum said I was old enough to do my own hair. It wasn't daunting or scary at all, that was only because I had no idea what I was getting myself into.
Afrocks Giveaway Sweepstake Terms and Conditions
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On Being Black In A Country That Does Not See Colour: What I Was Told When I Went Teaching With My Head (Half) Wrapped
I have recently moved to France France. I say France France because I am from what we call overseas territories, a 2.0 French colony, which is technically France in the Caribbean with all the contradictions and uneasiness that this status can cause in the 21st century … But I digress. I am now in France France, in a peaceful and bourgeois neighbourhood with beautiful houses, gardens, clean pavements etc. Of course, I stand out with my big hair, dark skin and love for Ankara, but that is ok. I knew beforehand that I was moving into a “white” environment and the chances of me being the “black lady”, were pretty high, but I did not mind.
A Year Working On Afrocks: 10 Things I Have Learnt So Far Working On An On-Demand Natural Hair Marketplace Startup
  Wow! Time flies by! I still remember last year when I had the idea: we need to create the 'Uber for Natural and Afro Hair!' and I was like: 'This is going to be huuuuuuge!' 'I need to get the product out faaaast' 'Wait wait wait I need to validate the idea first and find out if people really want the product' That time...when ideas and you are so excited you can't even sleep!
Interview of Joy Joses, Founder Of, The New Online Lifestyle Magazine For Women Of Colour
  Tired of reading the same old Cosmopolitan magazine? Smile! is a new online lifestyle magazine for women of colour, which aims to supply real and authentic content for the millennial woman of colour. If you check out the website, you will find rich and diverse content served by a sleek design. We love it. Oh! And Joy Joses, the founder of Melanmag was kind enough to chat to us about very interesting stuff you certainly want to read about!
10 UK Natural Hair And Beauty Blogs You Should Know About
  If  you’ve ever tried transitioning to natural hair, you’ll know what a rollercoaster it can be. Many of us are returning to natural after having our hair chemically treated since our teen years. Prior to that, our mothers, aunts or grandmothers were responsible for caring for our hair. Often, this means we are learning to care for our hair in its natural state for the very first time.
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