COVID Guidelines

COVID-19 Guidelines

Dear Clients,

These unprecedented times have dictated a new way of working for many, especially those in the hair & beauty industry as we must work in close contact with our clients. As such, here are the health and safety guidelines:

Before your appointment 

  • Please let your stylists know if you or anyone in your household have any COVID-19 related symptoms such as: fever, headaches, cough etc.
  • Stylists may refuse service to any client who comes for their service showing any symptoms of COVID-19
    We will not charge a cancellation charge for any guests cancelling due to COVID-19 related symptoms.
  • Our stylists will be thoroughly disinfecting tools, brushes and equipment before the appointment.

During the appointment

  • Both stylists and clients should wear a face mask at all times, whenever possible. Your stylist may ask you to adjust your mask in order to perform your service.
  • Both stylists and clients should wash their hands when arriving and before leaving the client’s or use a hand sanitiser.
  • We have asked stylists to wear personal protective equipment whenever possible: Aprons, gloves etc. although we understand that those will sometimes have to be removed for a short period of times to get some styles completed.
  • We will ask you to keep windows open when possible. The stylists may also be allowed to take more breaks to get some fresh air if needed.
  • No extra person will be allowed in the room during the appointment.

Thank you for your understanding.
The Afrocks Team