5 Locs Salon you should try in London

5 Locs Salon you should try in London

For all our locs people, we know how difficult it can be to find the right place to get your beautiful hair washed and maintained. Here are 5 salons we personally tried recently.


Adornment 365, the classy experience


Situated in the heart of trendy Brixton and managed by Margot Rodway-Brown, Adornment 365 offers a full, delicate, salon experience with excellent customer service and well-trained staff. You will always leave the salon feeling like a Queen or a King. Prices are a bit above what you can find around but the overall experience is quite amazing.

Tia’s Hair Salon, the cool one


If you are looking for a relaxed atmosphere to get your locs maintained, then this is the place to go, just few minutes’ walks from Streatham Hill train station.
The owner Tia is very sweet and always tries to make you feel like at home. Waiting time and transition between Hair wash and styling can sometimes be lengthy as the salon is not huge but the staff knows it all about locs.

Morris Roots, the big name


If you have locs you have probably heard about Morris Root! Owner Morris Aberdeen opened his first salon back in 2002 after moving to London from Trinidad in the 90s. Morris Roots has now 3 branches in different locations (Tooting, Highgate and Fulham). Although they cater for natural hair, the main focus is on Locs. There are loads of stories around staff being far from being friendly but as far as we are concerned, we never experienced such an attitude.

Purely Natural, the East London Salon


Purely Natural is situated in Stratford, so this is perfect for all those living in East London. The salon itself looks professional, clean and airy, and the staff very welcoming. They are usually on time when it comes to appointments. According to comments, they are struggling with natural hair but their locs squad are on point.


Locstafari, the little hidden gem


Locstafari is a great little spot located in Catford that caters for Locs and Natural Hair. The staff is very friendly and you will certainly feel amazing. Another very good surprise: there is a sauna, hot tube and steam room! You should definitely check it out.

Book your in-home loctician with Afrocks

With Afrocks you can book your loctician in London in just a few clicks. Your loctician will come to your place at the time requested and style your hair from the comfort of your own place! So far we only have good feedback so why don’t you give it a try? Find and book your loctician in London now.

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Do you know any other Locs salon? Let us know.



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