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Afro hairdressers doing Box Braids

Box braids are plaits or three-strand braids

that are divided into square-shaped sections.
Box braids can be done with natural hair or
with extended hair for extra length,
thichness, and fullness.

Box Braids with Afrocks

For mid-back length, medium size, buy 6 parcks of pre-streched Xpression hair.

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Clarisse Raimone

Mobile stylist, SW2, London

3.7 (4)

Nekeia Griffith

Mobile stylist, SW4, London

5.0 (7)

Paulina Taylor

Mobile stylist, BR1, London

5.0 (4)

Ozioma Osemene

Mobile stylist, HA2, London

4.9 (16)

Simone Williamson

Mobile stylist, SE14, London

4.9 (57)