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What are Locs?

Locs are a hairstyle in which the hair strands have a natural rope-like texture. Locs are created through palm rolling, coiling, twisting, braiding, and even naturally. The hair strands are clumped together to create locs. Locs have been around for centuries as it dates back to our African history where they wore by kings, queens, and warriors. They adorned their locs with colour, beads, and other objects to convey different meanings to their tribes. Now it is becoming more popularised in the 21st century being worn by artists, athletes, doctors, lawyers, and everyone alike.

What is a Loctician?

A loctician is a professional hairstylist trained to install, care for, and maintain locs. These professionals would have undergone the training to keep your locs in the best condition. However, most locticians in the UK are what we call “self-taught” or “organic” stylists as there are no formal Locs certifications. As well as, to solve any hair issues that you are experiencing due to your locs. And more importantly, recommend the right products for your hair type and texture.

What Locs services can a Loctician provide?

A loctician will provide professional services such as:

1) Installation of locs (free form, sister, twist) 2) Maintenance of locs 3) Product Recommendation for your locs 4) Styling of your locs especially for special occasions 5) Colouring your locs 6) Wash Day Routine for your locs (Cleansing, Conditioning and Moisturising) 7) Treatment for your locs 8) Removal of locs 9) Consultation to aid in your loc issues (scalp, hair loss, receding hair line etc.)

Afro stylists doing Locs

Home/Salon based
Imaobong E.
CR0 , London
5.0 (3)
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Mobile stylist
Moud C.
SE23, London
4.9 (4)
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Mobile stylist
Rori D.
E5 9, London
4.9 (5)
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Mobile stylist
Stevy C.
SW16, London
5.0 (19)
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Mobile stylist
Nekeia G.
SW4 , London
5.0 (8)
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Mobile stylist
Carina T.
SE10, London
5.0 (94)
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Mobile stylist
Ozioma O.
HA2 , London
4.9 (13)
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Mobile stylist
Simone W.
SE14, London
5.0 (39)
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Locticians & Locs FAQs

What makes someone a good loctician? 

A good loctician is someone who cares about improving and maintaining the health of your locs. They are willing to listen to you to understand the goal you are trying to achieve with locs, whether it is length, moisture or having an easy styling routine. More importantly, they are recommending the right products, techniques, and tips to help you achieve that goal. Also, they always go beyond when caring for your locs.

How do I find a good loctician near me?

The best way is to use afrocks.com. You can enter your postcode and select the exact loc service you desire and the date. You will be able to find a range of locticians to choose from to suit your needs. Their rating and catalogue will be there for you to see if you are able to make the right decision for your locs.
Alternatively, you can make a Google search with "Best Locticians near me" or "Best Locticians in London" and go through the results. Whatever way you are using, make sure to check reviews and ratings.

What questions should I ask my loctician before my first appointment?

There is a range of questions to ask your loctician before your first appointment and it will vary depending on the stage of the loc journey you are at. Here are, however, some of the questions you may want to ask:

  • What is the best method for me to start my locs?
  • What Loc services do you offer?
  • Do you offer free consultation?
  • Am I able to get my locs washed and styled?
  • How soon can I wash my hair after installation?
  • How many years of experience do you have with locs?
  • Do you offer product recommendations?
  • What do I need to buy to maintain locs at home?
  • What should I expect during each phase of locs?
  • When can I start styling and/or dyeing my locs?

Do I really need a Loctician to take care of my Locs?

You do not necessarily need a loctician to take care of your locs. Many information channels on the internet will teach you how to care for your locs. However, having a loctician is great as you are using a professional who caters to your specific needs based on your hair type and texture. Also, getting a loctician saves you time as you will get direct advice instead of researching for hours. And they also save money as you will get product recommendations on what to use so you do not have to be trying different brands.

What is the difference between Locs & Dreadlocks?

Dreadlocks are the traditional form for locs usually termed ‘free-form.’ The hair will naturally clump together if left over a period of time without being combed or styled. They do not require much maintenance as they are as the name suggests ‘free-form.’  On the other hand, for your locs, your hair is particularly styled so that it will clump together easily and quickly. This can be done through palm rolling, twists, or coiling your natural hair. Locs require much maintenance as you want the hair to locs in a particular way. These are the styles we usually see Burna Boy, Whoopi Goldberg, etc.

On a more spiritual level linked to Rastafari, Wearing dreadlocks was risking your life to defend your Panafrican ideology in the 60s in Jamaica. At that time, you did not wear dreadlocks to be cute or have long hair… You wore dreadlocks because you were defiant. Read more about the difference between Locs and Dreadlocks

How do I become a loctician in the UK?

There are no official certifications or courses to become a loctician. You can find lots of online courses – some of them quite expensive – to teach you the art of Locs. Do your research, compare prices and shop around.
The best advice we can give if you really want to become a loctician is to approach a Locs salon and ask if they offer training programs. You will then learn and practice at the same time!