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Your loc starter is the most important stage of your loc journey. Your starter locs determine the overall outcome of your locs once they are fully mature and years to come. Locs are a commitment style that you need to properly install from the early stage. Your loc starter installation determines how your locs will grow out and the health of the locs. Finding a loctician to install your starter locs is ideal as they can set a great foundation for your loc journey. You want a loctician who can ensure uniformity of size of each individual loc that will be installed. Maintaining consistency throughout the whole head is not easy.

Loc starter is where the hair is parted and you decide whether you want micro, small, medium, or large locs. Loc starters will stay in the loc starter stage for around 3-6 months. This is different for everybody and depends on the hair texture, length, density, health of hair, and how fast your hair grows. You want to make sure your starter locs are done correctly to prevent the hair from undoing before the loc form.

Afro stylists doing Starter Locs

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Imaobong E.
CR0 , London
5.0 (3)
Starter Locs
2.5 hrs
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Moud C.
SE23, London
4.9 (4)
Starter Locs
2 hrs
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Stevy C.
SW16, London
5.0 (19)
Starter Locs
2 hrs
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Nekeia G.
SW4 , London
5.0 (8)
Starter Locs
2 hrs
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Carina T.
SE10, London
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Starter Locs
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Starter Locs FAQs

When should I re-twist my starter locs?

Since this is the beginning stage of your Locs journey, you should re-twist your starter locs no more than once in a month. At this stage, you want to reduce manipulation and allow your hair some time to form and grow.

Do Starter Locs get thicker?

Yes, they do. The time you start to experience thickness depends on your hair texture and care strategies. It can take a few weeks or months for your starter locs to thicken up. If you want more in-depth information about the whole Locs journey, you can read our excellent blog article The 5 Different stages of the Loc Journey by month

How often should you wash Starter Locs?

You should wash your Starter Locs once in 4-6 weeks. Washing too frequently at this stage can cause unravelling. A few tips when it comes to washing Starter Locs:
– Try to wait at least for 2 weeks before your first Loc shampoo.
– Ideally, you would want to use a residue-free shampoo.
– Do not wash your Locs too vigorously. You should instead focus on gently massaging your scalp.

How much do starter locs cost?

The average cost for Starter Locs in London ranges from £80- £300 depending on the technique used, your hair texture & volume and how thick you want your Locs to be. The smaller you want them, the more expensive it is likely to be.
The best way to have an accurate quote is to book a consultation with a loctician before installation to discuss your needs.
You can also go for instant Locs installation but those will range from £400 and up to £800.

How to Care for Starter Locs?

Since starter locs are used to keep the form of your dreadlocks, you should allow them some time to grow without manipulation. At this stage, your locs are very fragile, a little manipulation can cause them to unravel quickly.
You can care for your starter locs by:

Using natural oils 

Natural oils like castor oils, coconut oils, jojoba oils, etc. are the best oils for starter locs. They provide nutrients that nourish the scalp and promote hair growth. Natural oils will prevent dryness and provide moisture to your scalp. 

Limit the use of hair products

Using too much hair product at this stage of your dreadlocks can cause product build-up that will require some effort to remove. 

Wash your hair 

Keeping your hair clean is key to developing a healthy scalp and hair. A good shampoo and conditioner will help remove specks of dirt and keep your hair refreshed. Don’t wash your hair too frequently at this stage to prevent unravelling.

What are the different Starter Locs techniques?

There are different starter loc styles, but two strands twist is one of the most common. You can achieve a two-strand twist with a hair length of 4 inches. Two-strand twists are achieved by sectioning your hair, dividing it into two, and then twisting the two strands against each other to form a twist.
You can use other methods like palm rolling, comb coils, interlocking etc. to start your locs.
Regardless of the starter loc style you choose to install, a good care strategy with low manipulation will help you grow a healthy and flourishing deadlock. We have a great article going into the details of different Locs installation techniques