Carina T.
SE10, London 5.0 (94)
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24hours cancellation policy

It is highly recommended to contact the stylist before booking to check if she/he is available. You can do this via the Afrocks messaging system.

Additional Rules Informations

Very important:

  • Please note that if you booked a service involving extensions, Afrocks doesn’t provide hair at the moment. You should come with your own hair on the day. If you are not sure about how many packs or what type of hair to buy,  get in touch with your stylist for some advice.
  • If you haven’t booked a hair wash service (or if the stylist doesn’t provide this service), please make sure to wash your hair within 24 hours of your appointment. Your hair must be clean, dry and detangled with very minimal product in preparation for your appointment.
  • If you are booking a service involving hair extensions, we highly recommend that you buy pre-stretched hair extensions as it will save a great amount of time to prep the hair. Contact your stylist if you need some advice on what to buy.
  • We highly recommend wearing a face mask at all times during the appointment.


Carina T.
SE10, London
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Traveling up to 8 miles from SE10
About Carina T.
My trading name is Love Loc's Styling. The concept of my service is to promote self preservation,Love and Legacy. My clients thrive on knowledge Read more
and interaction and will feel radiant and amazing from their own Beauty.
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94 Review
8 April 2023
Great craftsmanship. The loca were neat and feel solid to last.
Thank you!
7 April 2023
This was my second time booking Carina for an interlock and style. Today was no different from my first appointment. She was just as professional and just as warm and funny. And my locs looked awesome at the end.
2 April 2023
Carina is very pleasant and made me feel like a princess. I felt refreshed after she finished interlocking my Locs.
Thanks Carina
25 January 2023
Great, as always! Very professional, warm and knowledgeable
27 December 2022
Great understanding of hair.
11 December 2022
It's the first time I've trusted another loctician to do my hair and I was very impressed with Carina's service. I told her I was tender-headed and she was so gentle with my interlocking, making sure it wasn't too tight and wasn't uncomfortable. So much so, that I didn't suffer when I put my head down on the pillow to sleep, even though I had a restyle as well. She is a true pro who knows and loves her craft and we had a great time chatting and laughing. I'll definitely book her again for my next interlocking.
14 October 2022
Carina is one of the warmest people I’ve ever met. She was so sweet and kind, and took her time with my hair. I’m so excited to continue my loc journey with her and would recommend her to everyone hoping to start!
3 October 2022
Carina is a brilliant stylist: friendly, understanding, and skilled. She uses natural products on the locs and works fast and to a very high standard. We finished with time to spare and I immediately felt at ease — I've never laughed so much during a hair appointment.

Highly recommend Carina and will definitely call on her next time!
17 September 2022
It's my third time, Carina started my locs and is the only one I trust.
Today was no different from my first appointments, amazing experience with a lovely, warm, relaxed and talented person. Can't recommend enough.
27 August 2022
It was a pleasure to have my hair braided by Carina. She is a lovely person with a very sweet, kind demeanour and she is great at what she does.

I look forward to her working on my hair again ❤️
6 August 2022
I couldn’t have asked for a better loctitian to start my locs journey with. Carina to her time to pay attention to my needs, she is fantastic company and extremely patient. Her experience is very evident in the results and her service provides great value for money. I would highly, highly recommend Carina’s locs service.
30 July 2022
A lovely experience with Carina!
5.0 (94)