Glenda Pearman

SE13, London
Mobile stylist
Jobs completed
Natural school of Beauty Covent Garden-2012¤Natural school of beauty-2016¤Nugrowth Academy Certified Loctician Program-2019¤Cultivating Locs Hollistically Course-2019
I am a fully qualified loctician with 19 years experience. I also make my herbal organic treatments to help your hair grow, therapeutic treatments for eczema , lip balms, and bath scrubs etc. I provide a professional, personal and friendly mobile hairstyling service and deliver it in the comfort of your own home. IMPORTANT - Please contact me before booking any NEXT DAY appointment.

Fatima | Interlocking

Glenda did an amazing job with my locks. She also taught me how to look after them best at home. Thank you Glenda, you are a God sent.



Very nice


Very nice



Nothing more to add, she is very good, we can see she love her work.



Glenda gave good advice on hair maintenance and growth and promotes natural products.



She did an amazing job, feel fresh and clean ready to fight my week



Absolutely loved the service I received from Glenda.


Winifred | Interlocking

Glenda was easy to relate with, and was gentle with my hair. Happy with her excellent service.


Jessica | Interlocking

Very friendly and knowledgeable about looking after your locks. She clearly enjoys and embodies what she does. Her enthusiasm and passion for what she does was very pleasant. I was very happy with her service.


Dorcas Owino | Interlocking

As always Glenda is a wonderful Loctician with such great expertise in treating your hair and scalp with respect. And she always leaves you looking good and feeling blessed!


Toyin | Retwist

Excellent service and lovely lady. Thanks Glenda.


Michael | Interlocking

Excellent service, really friendly and amazing stylists. Some mix up at start of the day but that's ok

Cherish | Interlocking

She's great, best interlock experience I've ever had. Highly recommend her, I'm tempted to come back from the states just for her.

Michael | Retwist

Been in the industry over 30 so believe me when I say Glenda is an amazing stylist with answers to all a client needs. Very impressive.

Milca Morat | Retwist

My Locs thank you!!

Sophie | Interlocking

Glenda is a fantastic loktician: efficient, great styles, great advice on hair hygiene and maintenance with natural products.

Natalie | Retwist

Glenda is amazing at what she does, she also give great advise on how to look after my scalp & locs, I am always happy when Glenda does my hair.

Donna | Interlocking

Absolutely fantastic job. Glendas service was amazing as was her help and advice. Thank you so much I will definitely be booking her again

Donna | Interlocking

Absolutely fantastic job. Glendas service was amazing as was her help and advice. Thank you so much I will definitely be booking her again

Tim | Retwist

Very happy with everything from the ease of booking to the professionalism of the stylist. She was extremely friendly and serious about her buisnes!

Regis | Interlocking

My experience with Glenda was amazing: she's very friendly, skilled and knowledgeable. I had a wash, treatment and interlock with her and I enjoyed every minute of it. She did it in less 3 hours, which is incredible. All in all, I have only good and positive feedback and would recommend her to all friends and family.

Denise | Retwist

For someone who isnt keen on going to salons, this service is perfect for me. Having a stylist llike Glenda come to my home was great. Sharing her knowledge, experience and friendliness made it an amazing experience. She left me feeling like an excited kid.

Adanma | Interlocking

The best hair service I have had in years.